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Lizard rock wall aquarium kit




Eastgate Square



1 month ago

I am selling my lizard aquarium I bought a couple months ago but I haven’t had any luck trying to find the lizard I’ve been wanting, going to invest in a different animal I can take travelling as well. The aquarium itself is around 3 feet tall, ( last picture is taken behind a door to give a feel of how tall it really is) the whole back of it is a rocky aspect. I’m also including some repti calcium, a thermometer and two feeding dishes. I also have the one stick for decoration and 2 straight vines of leafs that are bendable ( as shown in pictures. This listing also includes the grass fleece “ carpet” it is not set up in the aquarium itself yet but it is enough to cover it. Nothing has been opened, used or damaged, as it’s just been sitting in my closet waiting for my lizard to come who hasn’t for the past couple months now! Everything together is $120.00 or best offer, I’m up for negotiation!


I could easily drop this off or meet up anywhere in the Hamilton area! ( no extra charges)

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Melissa Garden

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