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4 months ago

Have mostly Bionicle lego sets that I no longer wish to keep and want to sell. Maybe my collection will make a child or adult happy, since they've missed out on collecting these at one point in their life or they've developed an interest in Bionicle. Anyways, I'd assume that almost all of these Lego sets should have the original box included, manual may or may not be missing, so don't set your expectations too high, what's shown in the pictures is what's there. Also a Disclaimer that although most Lego sets are complete in pieces, some may have a few missing/swapped pieces or components, but they aren't significant, so take those into consideration as well. Bionicle Turaga 2001 8544 Turaga Nuju (completed set only no box, no paper manual) $15 8543 Turaga Nokama* (missing blue trident, 3 color swapped pieces) $10 If you have the exact blue colors for those 3 pieces and the blue trident then it should be good. Or buy both for $20 Assorted extra spare parts for Bionicle (some parts are hard to find) Must buy all $8 Vahki (all have completed set, manual, and canister except for Rorzakh) 8614 Nuurakh $12 8615 bordakh $12 8619 Keerakh$12 Or buy all vahki for $30 Bigger Bionicle sets 8622 Nidhiki (box and manual only) $20 8623 Krekka (aside from 1 piece swapped color, completed set, box and manual) $30 8621 Turaga Dume and Nivawk (Completed set, and box) $100 Bionicle 2006 Mcdonald's Happy Meal Ignika and Piraka $20 for all 4 McDbio3 Reidak McDbio1 Vezok McDbio4 Toa Hahli McDbio8 Toa Matoro Technic 8419 Excavator (completed set) $30 8283 Telehandler (completed set with box and manuals) $50 Racers 8370 Nitro Stunt Bike (completed set with box) $10 8353 Slammer Rhino (completed set with box) $20 Creator 4884 Wild Hunters (Box and completed Lion set only) $15 SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY. CASH ONLY NO LOWBALLERS, YOU WON'T BE ENTERTAINED!

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