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LED Solar Emergency Light Lantern Rechargable Travel Camping

LED Solar Emergency Light Lantern Rechargable Travel Camping Solar PORTABLE FOLDING LIGHT Camp Torch HAS A USB CHARGING PORT CAN CHARGE WITH SOLAR POWER OR ELECTRICITY NEATLY FOLDS, AND STARTS AUTOMATICALLY UPON UNFOLDING IT 1) Retractable Solar Camping Lantern Lamp 2) Solar Camping lamp Outdoor Lighting 3) Portable Camp Tent Lamp 4) Rechargeable lantern Solar Rechargeable/AA Battery 6-LED 5) Portable Camping Lantern Outdoor Lighting Equipment with USB port 6) Waterproof LED Solar Camping Lights outdoor 4V/12W USB 7) Emergency lights Utilize the power of the sun for complete Solar charging. Camping Lantern Lamp provides unique night time lighting. Suitable for border lighting or on your next camping trip, the Solar Camping Lantern Lamp is a versatile and environmentally friendly way to light up your evenings. The Solar Tent Light is collapsible, durable, and portable, brighter than most lanterns on the market today. Light weight not heavy or bulky or burdensome on a long trek. We are Offering you the convenience when you need it most. Lantern Flashlights such as this are suitable for not only outdoors, it also can be used even for emergencies in the cars, black-outs or any emergency where light may be needed. Ultra Bright: Includes 6 individual low powered LED bulbs - they are designed for a longer lifespan. Omni directional 360 angle design, Low Consumption: 5W energy saving lamp over 5-8 hours of continuous operation. 2 MODES: Flashlight mode and suspend mode. Portable stainless steel detachable handle design. 2 POWER OPTIONS: a)Solar And Rechargeable. Built-in 1800mA Lithium Battery, b) Supply a power cord, and you can connect to power blocks (charge time is about 3 hours) [A small solar cell on top] solar charging function can save you in an emergency if you are in the wild or other situation. Size: 3.7" X 5.5", Expands to 3.7" X 7.5" ☆ FREE SHIPPING ☆
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