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Here's a list of what I have: Monsta X Shine Forever photobook ($15) Monsta X Shine Forever linear poster ($12) Monsta X Shine Forever Stickers (group, Minhyuk, I.M available, $4 each) GOT7 Flight Log: Departure ($25 with Mark photocard and Jinyoung/Bambam ticket) BTS Wings Ver. I + N with Rap Monster and J-Hope photocards ($45 for both with photocards or $25 each) TWICE Page Two Mina Photocard ($10) EXO Nature Republic Lay Standee ($7) BTS Official YNWA Standee ($5) $10 for both standees Pickup only for the Wings albums, for the rest, I can meetup for purchases $20+ ☺ Let me know if you're interested in anything or have questions, thanks!

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Scarborough Town Centre, Canada

Meetups for purchases $20+, please pickup otherwise, thank you!