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3 weeks ago

Klein bottle - one-sided, no boundary, very mysterious. It is hand-blown, the raw material is high borosilicate glass, it is non-toxic, highlighting the curve of the bottle. For those who appreciate the mixture of mathematics and art, this is a magical gift! Size. ≈ 6cm (width of the rounded belly), height ≈10 cm. Specifications: As a Gift: Klein bottle + tote bag + gift box + card + infusion tube + original wooden base + seven-color lamp (No battery included). Can be laser engraved on the original wood base. Supports about 50 characters. Supports linear patterns. Supports text. Attention: Handicrafts are not guaranteed to be perfect and may have minor imperfections. If it arrives damaged or broken, I will Shipping it again for you. Please do not use it as a water glass, as it is a closed loop inside and not easy to clean. Please do not inject dangerous materials. Due to shipping issues, the seven-color lamp does not include batteries, and its coin cell batteries can be purchased at convenience stores. If you are not genuinely willing to give, please don't bother me, thanks! Normal transactions are welcome.

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