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1 month ago

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ℹ️ Canada wide shipping available ℹ️ Canada wide shipping available ℹ️ Canada wide shipping available _______________________________ ⚠️ Don't Have Automatically Updates ? ⚠️ No Constant Support ? ⚠️ Paying MONTHLY IP TV Subscription? ⚠️ Freezing / Buffering Issues? ⚠️ Backup/Support Options Limited? ⚠️ Your Provider - Blocked You & Disappeared? ⚠️ Limited to only 1 SERVER? ⚠️ Paid For Months & No Refunds? ⚠️ No Warranty On Your Box ? ✅ ✓✓✓ WE UNDERSTAND ✓✓✓ ✅ ✅ ✓ Welcome to James IP TV   ✅ ✅ ✓ Welcome to James IP TV   ✅ ✅ ✓ Welcome to James IP TV   ✅ ✓I've been around IP  TV for almost 10 years now & always noticed many people paying monthly $15 to $25 a month then get eventually blocked by there providers and their horrible services & or extremely bad buffering issues. I'll be completely honest with you - IP TV paid services ALWAYS eventually goes down with no refunds for clients! _______________________________ ✅ How are we different? ✓Our code(s)  - Auto-Updates everything! Every 6 - 8 hours - the code SCANS for clean server's then adds them to your box daily automatically + There's also 8+ other coders on my team for mointering / updating the code monthly. ✅ Constant support available! ✓You also get Lifetime Support Guaranteed Forever Free. Yes FREE! How? Were by the screen 16 hours a day coding - it doesn't effect us updating you need it come for Free! Why charge? We connect remotely & immediately fix any issues *16 hours a day Availability ONLINE ✅ No freezing buffering technology. ✓We coded our own elite Apps / SERVER'S for everyone to personally use without having to pay monthly - No Freezing! Come deal with a real coder(s) - during these hard times with Covid19 - We give you all the paid servers + the best entertainment setups always + so much more. _______________________________ ✅ AVAILABLE PACKAGES ✅ ✓⭐  ----> $300 <----  ⭐ ENGLISH ONLY *** CANADA, USA, UK, EUROPE, ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES. + MORE - Plug & Play ✓⭐  ----> $400 <----  ⭐ WORLDWIDE *** ALL INTERNATIONAL + MORE - Plug & Play ✓⭐ Details ⭐ ✅50+ Servers ✅NO MONTHLY FEES EVER! ✅ONE TIME PAYMENT! ✅UNLIMITED SUPPORT FOR YEAR'S! ✅No Freezing / Buffering EVER! ✅Premium Personal IP TV Server's! ✅(720p, 1080p, HD, FHD, FUHD, 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K Content) ✓⭐ Got you're own BOX? Save $50! ⭐ ⭐$250 - Remote Set-up / 1 Hour ⭐ ***We remotely set you up immediately + make massive configuration to your box for maximum performance & UNLOCK it's true power. Full All Inclusive Package. (Both come with Free SSS. - "Specific Special Settings" + Check for BTC Cryptocurrency viruses on the boxes + anything that might be trying to use your internet! Come deal with the PROS! _______________________________ ✓✅ What do you Get after payment ? 1) Brand new 2021 never used Android Box -4GB RAM -64GB ROM + 2) ℹ️ 195 International countries included: ✓EPG / Guide ✓- L i v e I n ternational T V ✓- N e w M o v i e s ✓- T V S e r i e s ✓- P P V ✓- S ports (Every country available - 195+) ✓- 24/7 mov ies/tv shows stations ✓- A nime ✓- Oldies ✓- VOD ✓- Catchup ✓- Closed Captioning for Hearing Impaired ✓+ MORE ✓+ MORE ✓+ MORE ℹ️  ❎ Adult Content available with PIN available or can be Hidden/BLOCKED. ❎ + 3) Unlimited Support Forever! ______________________________ ✓‼️ WE OFFER SUPPORT ON ALL DEVICES - Android Box - Firestick - Nvidia Shield - Buzz Tv - Mag - Formuler - Dreamlink - Mi - X96 - MX - Everything!!! ✓ℹ️ IP TV subscription from other providers is $150 -$300 a year! Cable is $100-$200 a month. The lowest IP TV reseller provider is buying credits from a panel provider over seas is for 0.25 cents then charges you $10 - $15 a month. Please be careful to never give your credit card to these people. It ends up on the deep dark web for resell. ✓ℹ️ Resellers buy credits & panels for $0.25 cents - then charges you $15-$50 a month - then when it literally always goes down - they disappear with your money because there wisdom is extremely low on how to troubleshoot anything. Come deal with a real PROUD NERD GEEK ✓ℹ️ Calculations wise ; you instantly & immediately start to save money forever lower then two years with us. You save money for life. Think long-term! _______________________________ ✓✅ Available servers you get: GEM GLO TV Zon OK2/OK3 Sky Crown Star King Gold Eagle Prime Voodoo Diablo Ipguys Mytv Nitro Kpax Tagtv Jio Sky King Magnum Gold Express Tiptop QQTV Cobra XtremeHD +More ℹ️ Canada wide shipping available ℹ️ Canada wide shipping available ℹ️ Canada wide shipping available ____________________________ ✓✅ Services CODE been running Successfully for over 10+ year's. ✅ 👍 ✓Questions or Interested? ✓Call or Text: 12892044714 - James 👍 Vancouver ✅


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