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Isaac Jacobs double glass metal frame



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2 weeks ago

Isaac Jacobs 10x8, Vintage Style Black metal and Glass, Metal Floating Desk Photo Frame (Vertical), with Locket Closure for Pictures This Isaac Jacobs Black Modern Style Brass & Glass metal frame with vintage-inspired locket closure combines the traditional look of 20th Century antique frames with the modern design of contemporary frames. There’s something special in the timeless appeal of these frames that turn your favorite photos and portrait shots into attractive decorative accessories. Whether you are filling the frames with beautiful landscape shots or black-and-white architectural shots, this chic frame will elevate the décor of any room in the home. This pressed-glass frame, featuring trim, metallic edges, and a matching delicate, but sturdy easel, looks sharp when viewed from any angle. It will provide a touch of elegance to any desk, shelf, cabinet, or mantlepiece in the home. All eyes will be drawn to the photos you choose to “float” inside the glass panes. To create the “floating” effect, insert a photo that is smaller, and secure with a tiny piece of tape. The classic look and simple functionality of the locket closure completes this metallic frame’s retro charm. Pressed flowers will become a gorgeous work of art in these frames. Breathe new life into your parents’ old hand-written notes or put your kids’ artistic side on display by framing their drawings. Feel like you’re unlocking your own history when you display black-and-white family photos and keepsakes inside this unique frame. The elegant frame makes a perfect display signs for restaurant and hotel counterspace, and a wonderful choice for special events, like weddings, birthdays, graduations and baby-naming ceremonies. Tell the story of love inside these beautiful frames. We spend so much time flipping through images on screens all day, it feels good to see our memories and passions preserved in style. {NOTE: THIS FRAME DOES NOT STAND HORIZONTALLY AND CANNOT BE MOUNTED ON A WALL!} ✳️3-4 light contact marks on the glass MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This frame’s sophisticated charm will take mementos like hand-written notes and drawings and display them like works of art. The chic sliding locket closure makes it easy to replace fun photobooth snaps with printouts of your favorite poems. Pressed flowers and thin ticket stubs will stand out inside the shine of the glass panes and metal edges. The clean look of the frame’s metallic edges and locket closure preserves your keepsakes in style. EVENT DISPLAY: Cherish the special events in life by using these beautiful frames as display frames. Tell a story of love by showcasing photos as part of a centerpiece at a wedding reception. They make a delightful choice to display table numbers. You’ll be raising the cuteness factor at a baby shower with these adorable frames. All eyes will gaze on the memories captured between the pressed glass when you use these gorgeous frames for an anniversary or graduation party.

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thank you for dropping by, I highly recommended her, and most importantly thanks for the freebies

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