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iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB




Bay Roberts



5 days ago

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB -Battery health 94% - Maintenance period is September 24, 2022 Super healthy - There is a document to prove that it is the first one to buy online and not a second mobile phone (but it will not be issued and can be presented), and there are too many modified machines. -There are boxes of pretty boys, and the charging cables are brand new and unused. - As shown in the picture, there are pictures on all six sides. No fall or crash. I am a good tin machine and have never repaired it. So the fuselage number matches the box. -I have a 0.15mm pretty protective sticker, and "send a new protective sticker" - No P picture change color execution -Good reputation and can see the records of past products sold I sincerely put it on sale. It is not a ghost machine for personal use. In fact, there are only good and natural flowers on both sides (in fact, it is not obvious at all). It is really a good tin machine, so the battery has a 94% electric health degree after using it for a year!

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Seagren Indal

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