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iPhone 11 Pro




Lampman park



1 month ago

Selling my iPhone 11 Pro midnight green. The phone is kept in excellent condition there is a tiny crack in the back glass but when there’s a case on it it is not noticeable at all even with a clear case it’s underneath of the glass and does not affect the phone whatsoever also a minor scratch on the screen but is barely noticed unless looking for imperfections I recently upgraded to the 13 promax and no longer need this phone it is unlocked to any carrier pictures provided will back that up I am being straight up honest we can either meet up somewhere in the Bari area or you can meet me at my place and we can go ahead and do the deal that way if you’d prefer. I would preferred to do cash as it is the simplest way of payment this phone does not come with anything no charger no box no power adaptor no screen protector and no case it is just the phone I have the IMEI provided in the photos as well as the carrier status/Sim status all the cameras work perfectly the flash works perfectly it charges the battery percent is 87% pictures provided will back that up also

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