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iPad Screen Protector 9th Generation, Paper Screen Protector Compatible with iPad 9th Generation (10.2 Inch, iPad 9/8/7, 2021/2019) Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing, and Note-taking like on Paper







3 months ago

Compatible With】 Smartphones, bluetooth speakers, shavers, power banks, laptops, tablets and so on. 【Do not work with】appliances greater than 600w. 【FIT EUROPEAN Outlets】 including the Modern hexagon wall outlets! Europe Electric Adapter Type C Plug - For all Euro countries such as Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland.【NOT for UK】 【Super Safe】 copper pin and conductor plus PC fireproof shell. Output max 6A 100-250V, Accepts 110V and 220V. 【Compact & Potable】 Weighs 10g per unit. Small and easy to carry for luggage for travelers and businessmen. Does not take up any space. 【Please Note】 This adapter only adapts the plug style and not the voltage. This adapter should only be used with power converters or devices with universal power supplies. These handy plug adapters allows: U.S (American and Canadian) & Australian appliances which are 110/120V-250V to be used in the continental Europe Type C plug adapters - Europe, Asia, Central America Compatible Countries they work in: Armenia / Austria / Azerbaijan / Aruba Belarus / Belgium / Bulgaria / Bolivia / Brazil / Bahrain Croatia / Cameroon / the Czech Republic / Chile / Chad Denmark Estonia / Egypt Finland / France Georgia / Germany / Greece / the Republic of Guinea Hungary Iceland / Israel / ltaly / Indonesia / Iran / lraq Jordan Korea / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Kuwait Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Lebanon Macedonia / Moldova / Monaco / Mauritius / Madeira / Mozambique the Netherlands / Norway Oman Palestine / Peru / Poland / Portugal / Paraguay Romania / Russia Serbia / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Saudi Arabia / Syria / Senegal / Saba / Suriname Turkey Ukraine / Uruguay Bangladesh Vietnam and any outlet where two round prongs are being used. They work in the normal outlets and also in the new modern European Hexagon shaped ones! *Experience Multi-purpose Usage: these adapter plugs can be used to charge smart phones, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, tablets, notebooks, shavers, headphones, laptop and so on. Note: The outlet voltage must range between 100v up to max 250 volts AC and this adapter does NOT convert voltage. 收起


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