HO-2X  2-Cylinder Fully Automatic Motorcycle Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning Machine (With Heating) photo view 1

HO-2X 2-Cylinder Fully Automatic Motorcycle Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning Machine (With Heating)




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Features Ultrasonic Cleaning (With Heating Function): Capable of ultrasonically cleaning single or multiple fuel injectors simultaneously, effectively removing carbon deposits. Uniformity Test: Evaluates the uniformity of the fuel injection volume across different injectors. Atomization Observation: Utilizes backlighting for comprehensive and detailed observation of the injector's spray atomization. Seal Integrity Test: Tests the seal integrity and leakage of the injector under high pressure. Fuel Injection Volume Test: Measures the fuel injection volume of the injector under specific operating parameters (e.g., same time, same number of counts). Automatic Cleaning and Testing: Simulates and tests the injector under various operating conditions based on specific parameters. I've aimed for accuracy and clarity in the translation. If you have any further questions or need additional clarifications, feel free to ask. Additional Features Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology: Utilizes strong ultrasonic cleaning capabilities for effective cleaning. Electronic Pressure Control Technology: Offers stable oil pressure with a wide range of adjustability. High-Clarity Digital Tube Display: Makes the operation clear and straightforward, easy to learn and use. Visible Fluid Level in the Fuel Tank: Test agents can be recycled, and the fluid level is directly visible. Bright LED Backlighting: Allows for clear observation of various conditions when the fuel injector is working. Patented and Interchangeable Composite Fittings: Owns patents and is applicable to a variety of vehicle types with replaceable composite fittings. Customizable Testing Parameters: Within the allowed range, you can freely adjust the fuel injector's test time, operating frequency, number of injections, and minimum pulse width. Technical Specifications Power Supply: AC 110V/220V ±10% Frequency: 50HZ ±0.5 Relative Humidity: <85% Ambient Temperature: 0℃ to +40℃ External Magnetic Field Strength: <400 A/m No Open Flames Allowed in Surroundings Fuel Tank Capacity: 2000 ml Test Tube Capacity: 125 ml RPM Range: 0 to 15,000 rpm Number of Injections: 0 to 9900, Step: 100 PWM Pulse Width: 0 to 20.0 ms, Step: 0.1 ms System Pressure: 0 to 0.6 Mpa, Adjustable Timing: 0 to 20 minutes, Adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaning Power: 70W (Intermittent Operation) Ultrasonic Cleaning Frequency: 28 KHZ ±0.5 KHZ Dimensions: 550mm (L) x 45mm (W) x 530mm (H) Weight: 25 Kg Warranty one year, factory direct shipping, dock to dock, manufacturer engineer guidance at any time. Lifetime parts available. Please contact us if you are interested. We have Taobao and Amazon to help you with your order. WhatsApp: 1 (437) 553-8502 WeChat: 18917653440 Website: Email:


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