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Himalayan Salt Barbecue Bricks

Chancellor Community Centre
READ DESCRIPTION **BUY 3 OR MORE PIECES FOR DISCOUNT + FREE BAG OF HIMALAYAN SALT ** •comes wrapped and in box •100% Himalayan salt I HAVE THE FOLLOWING SIZES: •1 brick 8"x4"x2" for $10 each •1 brick 7"x7"x2" for $15 each •1 brick 8"x8x2" for $20 each GREAT FOR: •grilling and baking (gives off salt for your food) •conduct heat efficiently and at high temp. •serving tray •cutting board Benefits: •release negative ions which are good for body by doing the following: 1. increasing mood 2. •improves air quality by absorbing moisture, which also absorbs dirt, pollens, etc. 3. •as a result, reduces asthma and sinus because the air is cleaner 4. Increases blood flow (blood is composed if negative ions) which prevents heart attacks and stokes 5. Increases focus and attention (negative ions bring oxygen into entire body including brain) 6. Boost energy by cancelling positive ions released from electronics (electronics release positive ions making you tired) 7. Reduce stress 8. Reduce insomnia from pleasing light that is easy on eyes 9. Many more benefits to the body
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