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Hermes Birkin Constance Chanel Classic Woc Céline Box

Pharmacie Jean Coutu
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Are you craving for the bag of your dream but falling out of budget, have you not been able to get the exact model, leather or color you’re looking for in store or do you need a replacement handbag that for different use than the one you bought in store, but without compromise on the quality ? Now Have you ever heard of super replica handbags ? Although a few years ago the best available on market couldn’t be called super replica because of minor (or major) issues, today the best of the best are a true mirror image of the bag you would find on retail stores and could easily pass authentication (exact same leather thus the delicate smell; exact same quilting and lining; stitching count, hardware, even the hologram sticker is the exact same for Chanel handbags). After years of searching and blogging, being deceived or surprised and creating relationships with factories, I’m able to get my hands on what is the best available nowadays and what can truly be called super replica. What I offer you is a bag you would probably not find by yourself (given the market flooded with different, poorer or way poorer quality and sellers lying about quality), a perfect mirror image of an authentic luxury handbag at the most discounted price possible. Basically you will get a brand new « mirror handbag » for the price of the most used « authentic one ». Due to the degree of detailing and perfection that I ask of a bag that I sell, only a few brand models are available, ask me what do I have in stock. Buy with confidence :) Here is the price list : - chanel woc : 900$ - Chanel classic : 2300$ - Hermes birkin : 3750$ - Hermes constance : 2050$ - Céline box : 950$
2 weeks ago In Bags & Wallets
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