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Hamster starter kit







2 months ago

Just add the hamster!! this comes with everything shown: cage (two level with ramp. front and top entrance and four clasps to secure the wire top to the base), 12” wheel (able to be attached to the cage and also freestanding), 7.5” hamster ball (that also converts into a standing wheel), a spill proof water bowl, a hideaway, litter, a wooden latter, tunnel, and a carrot chew. this set also comes with half a bag of bedding, a 1/4 bag of food and treats! dimensions of the cage: 32.5 inches in length, 18.5 inches in width and 17 inches in height. with a total floor space of over 650 inches squared, this is a perfect home for a syrian hamster!! dwarf hamsters are too small and will be able to escape through the bars. I am open to negotiations but the retail value of everything is over $300 so please no low ballers. if you any questions feel free to message!


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