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Gecko/ lizard surrender (read full ad description please)


We are experienced gecko/lizard owners opening our doors to any geckos/ lizards in need of a loving, pampering home! We are not vets however we do have extensive knowledge and tons of experience in rehabilitating reptiles and amphibians. This is our surrender ad only: if there where any for adoption, they would have their own seperate ads so please be patient! We will not buy the animal from you: we have come to understand that some animals are not for everyone, some times peoples schedules change, some go through unforseen circumstances, others are gifted or given an animal they where not prepaired for or maybe one has come to realize that the animal just deserves better. Whatever your reason to surrender, we will accept any gecko/ lizard, any age, any condition, no questions asked, no judgements on previous care. We can take just the individual animal however to garentee a reserved safe spot, the animals equipment (tank, bowls, multi- vitamins, hides, foliage, lights, heat mats, ex) is required. Please just contact us regarding your inquiry and we can work something out. You can drop off your gecko/ lizard in Forest Lawn SE or we can meet someone if thats easier. (Leopards, crested, african fat tail, chinese cave, Anole, day gecko, Gargoyle, bearded dragon, skink, monitor, tokay, tailless whip, please just message with your inquiry!)

3 months ago In Community
Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.

Listed by eeveebear


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