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Full Shiny Galar Dex with Hidden Ability Pokemon Sword and Shield

READ EVERYTHING PLEASE!! If you have Discord, send me a request there as well: LRRaidBoss#2286  ALL PURCHASES & COMMUNICATION WILL BE HANDLED ON DISCORD MOST PEOPLE CHOOSE METHOD 1 Full Galar + Isle of Armor Pokedex Pack 1) All the Galar Pokedex (All born in Galar) 2) All G-Max Forms 3) Everything is Square Shiny\Ultra Shiny except shiny locked Pokemon 4) All Pokemon have Hidden Ability/6IV/0EV so you can train them how you want 5) All Alcreamie Forms 64 - Normal and gigantamax 6) All NEW DLC Isle of Armor Pokemon *If you're using method 1 then you need 24 empty boxes in your game. For method 2 it's gonna be fine as long as you have Pokemon Home Premium  Galar Pokemon Pack 1)All the new Galar Pokemon #808-890 2)All Shiny except shiny locked Pokemon 3)All Galar Gmax forms 4)All are 6iv 5)Alcreamie Forms are not included (Only 6) Isle of Armor Pokemon Pack 1)All the new Isle of armor Pokemon  2)All Shiny  3)All new Gmax forms 4)All are 6iv 5)All have Hidden Ability/6IV/0EV so you can train them how you want Trading via Pokemon Home  [Premium is recommended on method 1 and necessary on 2] How do we trade this ? Method 1 I will give you a user account that has a Pokemon Home Account(Please check account availability before purchase). Once you log in you can withdraw your Order right away, i always send the steps involved for this method.  It's really easy and saves time. After that you need to delete my user from your system. (Having Discord is recommended)  Method 2 You will need to send me your Pokemon Home email and password, my recommendation is that you temporarily change your password and after I'm done, change it again, I always let you know once I'm done, if you have fears you can check my recommendations, this method is faster because I do everything myself, but its up to you to decide. My Timezone is USA Eastern EST. So if you live in a different zone, make sure you let me know so we can arrange a perfect time for both of us.
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