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Fidelio Reference 2




16th Avenue & Woodbine Avenue



1 month ago

VERY RARE (Fidelio Reference 2: Festival Son et de l'Image 2007) cd for sell, please contact to pick up if interested.. thanks for looking.. FESTIVAL SON & IMAGE 2007 試音大師2007之『定位王』 示範級測試天碟 2007 加拿大蒙特利爾音響展覽會指定示範天碟 FSI是加拿大蒙特利爾每年均舉行的盛大音響展覽會,這是北美洲最具規模的大型音響展之一,每年都吸引了各地著名音響品牌在這裡一展身手。「試音大師2007」是唯一榮獲官方授權及發行的紀念專輯,亦是會場內指定示範軟件。本專輯收錄來自發燒膽咪生產商「FIDELIO AUDIO」製作15首測試作品,當中包括5首人聲、歌唱。隨CD內頁以圖案方式精簡獨立顯示每首歌曲之人聲及各種樂器的擺位,再加入揚聲器及皇帝位之位置配合,即可給聆聽者按圖索驥了解自己之音響器材的分析能力是否『夠班』,如果未能清楚分析出歌曲內各組樂器的位置,出版商建議閣下要重新調校器材之擺位或有需要升級現有的音響器材! FESTIVAL SON & IMAGE 2007 "Positioning King" Demonstration-level Test Disc of Audition Master 2007 Designated Demonstration Disc at the 2007 Montreal Audio Expo, Canada FSI is a grand audio exhibition held every year in Montreal, Canada. This is one of the largest large-scale audio exhibitions in North America. Every year, it attracts famous audio brands from all over the world to show their skills here. "Master of Audition 2007" is the only commemorative album that has been officially authorized and released, and it is also the designated demonstration software in the venue. This album contains 15 test works produced by FIDELIO AUDIO, a manufacturer of fever gallbladder, including 5 vocals and singing. Along with the inner page of the CD, the position of the human voice and various musical instruments of each song is simplified and independently displayed in the form of a pattern, and the position of the speaker and the emperor's seat are added to match, so that the listener can know whether the analysis ability of his audio equipment is enough. 』, if you can’t clearly analyze the position of each group of instruments in the song, the publisher recommends that you re-adjust the position of the equipment or upgrade the existing audio equipment! Markham, ON

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