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Never open. Ferrari AAV-1LFE018W Cavallino G150 Earphones with One Button Remote - Black 10mm Speaker Driver incorporating patented TFAT Driver Technology - Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz Anti-tangle cable trimmed in woven fabric with 1-button Remote Control with Microphone for Android, Windows, Blackberry and most mobile phones. Luxury design inspired by the GT car's carful craftsmanship. Lightweight aluminum body, trimmed in finest leather to ensure ultimate durability Thin Film Acoustic Technology (TFAT) - passive dynamic-balancing system creating deeper bass and wider frequency range with high fidelity Includes interchangeable ear buds for personalized comfort, a carry case trimmed in Nylon fabric for additional protection and compact storage

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Ossington Subway Station, Canada

In the parking lot.

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Cash and PayPal. Local pickup and shipping