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Alright, really had to think twice about putting these ones up. FOR THE TRUEST COLLECTOR OF SAILOR MOON!! These are the Sailor SENSHI known as the SAILOR STARLIGHTS. Cards are of high quality and have been taken care of extremely well, as if they were sports card rookie players. AUTHENTIC and TRUE, these are DIAMONDS in the ROUGH. This listing offers: Sailor Star FIGHTER Sailor Star MAKER Sailor Star HEALER There are zero flaws to these cards. These cards have been kept in immaculate condition. I've had them since they first came out more than 25 years ago. Interesting facts about the SAILOR STARLIGHTS: In the manga version, they are searching for Princess Kakyuu, traveling the galaxy and eventually arriving on Earth to find her. In their civilian forms, they created a band called "Three Lights", and disguised themselves as men. In the anime version, they are essentially the same in the anime as in the manga. One key difference however is, that their male disguises on Earth are fully biological (i.e. they literally turn into men), and not just cross-dressing. They only become female when they take their Sailor Senshi forms. SUPERB CORNERS NO CREASES NO DAMAGE ON ANY OF THEM. These cards are being sold individually, not as a lot. Amazing ULTIMATE RARE cards. These are the glitter, prism, holofoil kind. There are a few that are not glittery, please see pictures. Please note: ***THE SCARCITY AND RARITY OF THESE CARDS MAY COMPELLED ME TO RE-PRICE THEM IN THE NEAR FUTURE.*** ---Take advantage of price now--- Pick up at Dixie and Bloor/mississauga or Bloor and Mill rd/etobicoke PM me for any questions and or comments Shipping is also available at buyers expense. Check out my other listings for Sailor Moon.

1 month ago In Vintage Collectibles
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