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EUC🌿 Benefit Dandelion Baby-pink Blush (depotted)



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Tim Hortons



1 month ago

🌿🌺• Benefit •🌺🌿 _____________________________________________________ • dandelion baby pink blush, full-size; classic shade; • blush has been depotted from its original paper compact, please do not purchase if concerned; 💛 • I put the depotted blush in a MUFE magnetic palette (size XL), original brush will also be included (but the brush won’t fit in the MUFE palette, sadly); which leaves the palette plenty of space for your to DIY, you can put in your fav eyeshadows to create your own palette (I organize my nars single & duo using the same palette, so that I don’t have to carry a tons of packaging while travel); • again, please do not purchase if you’re concerned; I depotted it because I think it’d be easier to apply (and it is!); because of the subtle blush color, I enjoy using a big powder brush to apply all over my cheeks; I couldn’t do this in its original packaging; 💛 • EUC, see photo; 🌻 _______________________________________________ 👩🏻🌺🌿 For total value above $50: I offer $5 tracked shipping, if you prefer not to meet up. 🚚 (Below $50: shipping is $12.50) Thanks!


Mailing & Delivery

For total value above $50: I offer $5 tracked shipping, if you prefer not to meet up. 🚚 (Below $50: shipping is $12.50) Thanks!

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@ayesha_fm12133 months ago

The seller is trustworthy, honest. Shipped my package intime. Item was exactly as shown.I will definitely deal with her in future.

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@torontoshopper2 years ago

Seller is extremely sweet, and her turnaround time from purchase to shipment was insanely fast. After agreeing on purchase she shipped the items within a couple hours, and the items arrived in excellent condition within two days. Even left a handwritten thank you card ☺️ thank you!!!

@karenhsh2 years ago

Guys, she is literally THE BEST SELLER and the sweetest girl I've EVER met! SUPER easy communication and the item is in perfect condition. Very punctual and was willing to meet me 10 min earlier with such short notice. I highly recommend buying from her!! She takes good care of the items and are very reliable!

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