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Electric Fully Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Machine GD-608"




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Performance Characteristics Utilizes New Deep-sea Transmission Technology: Eliminates the electronic scale design, effectively reducing external vibrations or airflow's interference with oil change accuracy, achieving a precision 50% higher than traditional weighing sensors. Precise Scale Markings: Allows accurate completion of oil changes even in manual mode. New/Old Oil Storage: Features transparent inner and outer tanks (inner for old oil, outer for new), providing a clear, novel view. The heat transfer between the new and old oil neutralizes the temperatures, quickly cooling the hot old oil and heating the new oil. This not only saves energy but also protects the car's transmission and pipelines from temperature-induced malfunctions or damage. One-Button Start: Completes new/old oil replacement and other related tasks, eliminating complicated traditional steps. Color Touch Screen Operation: Comes with built-in vehicle data for direct access, ensuring simple and fast operation. Two Dynamic Observation Windows: A brand-new design, visually appealing. Two New Oil Refill Options: Manual pouring or program-controlled automatic suction, offering flexible choices for easy oil refilling. Various Transmission Pipeline Connection Adaptors: Compatible with most vehicle models and includes nearly a hundred specialized connectors for customer selection. Two High-Quality Steering Wheels and Two Brake Wheels: Allows easy movement and stable parking of the machine. USB Interface: Enables USB drive upgrades for the built-in vehicle data. Technical Parameters Voltage: AC220V, 50/60Hz New Oil Tank Volume: ≈19.5L Old Oil Tank Volume: ≈15.5L Equal Replacement Error: ≤±25g Pressure Gauge Range: 0~16bar Working Pressure: ≤6bar Filtering Accuracy: 5μm Oil Pump Power: 140W Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +60℃ Relative Humidity: <85% Maximum Oil Change Speed: 3.0L/min Machine Dimensions: 510mm*485mm*1360mm Packaging Dimensions: 495mm*515mm*1390mm Warranty one year, factory direct shipping, dock to dock, manufacturer engineer guidance at any time. Lifetime parts available. Please contact us if you are interested. We have Taobao and Amazon to help you with your order. Whatsapp: 1 (437) 553-8502 WeChat: 18917653440 Website: Email:


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