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Name: Electric Brake Fluid Replacement Machine Tank Volume: 18L Voltage: 220V Power: 70W Working Pressure: 1-2.2bar Maximum Pressure: 2.5bar Product Features Continuous Operation: This equipment can work continuously, with large flow and high pressure. Precision Gear Pump: High speed, smooth operation, and long service life. Oil-less Shutdown Feature: Protects the equipment and prevents dry running. High/Low Liquid Level Warning Lights: The high liquid level indicator prevents overfilling, and an alarm sounds and lights up when the actual liquid volume falls below 1.3L. Sealed Drain Bolt: Located at the bottom of the equipment with a large diameter, allows for quick draining of residual fluid. Specialized Connectors: Made through special processes, these durable and well-sealed connectors can adapt to 85-90% of the market's vehicle models. The invention of special connectors solves the problem of inability to connect during oil changing for certain special vehicle models. Humanized Design with Rotatable Tool Box: Effectively protects the product and provides storage for tools, dust protection, and residual oil collection, maintaining cleanliness at the work site. Rotatable Armrest: Conforms to intuitive usage and effectively protects the product. Warranty one year, factory direct shipping, dock to dock, manufacturer engineer guidance at any time. Lifetime parts available. Please contact us if you are interested. We have Taobao and Amazon to help you with your order. Whatsapp: 1 (437) 553-8502 WeChat: 18917653440 Website: Email:


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