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Earn Money Through Forex Trading

Forex Signals Selling I am a forex trader with a success rate of around 65-70%(other forex traders on Fiverr claim that their success rates are 90%, that is ridiculous and not genuine). I will send you your signals via email before 6am Eastern Time Everyday (Excluding Saturdays and Sundays when the market is closed). I will tell you ENTER PRICE and TAKE PROFIT PRICE Example: CURRENCY PAIR: EUR/USD ORDER TYPE: BUY ENTRY PRICE: CURRENT MARKET PRICE (1.0820) 1st PROFIT TARGET PRICE: 1.0855 2nd PROFIT TARGET PRICE: 1.0920 I do NOT utilize stop losses. The market filters out 'weak hands'. Thus, it is important to hold onto your position until target profit is reached since the market would fluctuate a lot before reaching target profit. REMEMBER! YOU DON'T LOSE IN FOREX UNLESS YOU CLOSE YOUR TRADES. SO DO NOT BE IMPATIENT! Lastly, I only provide 1 signal per day as I believe that it is better to focus on 1 currency pair and analyse it to the best of my ability instead of analyzing too many currency pairs and doing a subpar job. Analyzing forex trends is extremely time-consuming, so providing more than 3 signals in a day that are well-analysed is almost not possible.
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