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"Double Manifestation" Generator Crystal




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Clear Crystal generator with double manifestation Double manifestation, generator phantom crystal 2 3/8 " X 1 1/4 " X 1 3/8" about 125 grams Cyrstal is seen as pure chi, life force, the living spirit, also called the crystal of truth. Clear quartz is the most versatile of crystals and can be used in any healing work, masculine energy and light. Crystal will absorb negative energy from an environment and transform it into positive energy. It amplifies innate magical or healing powers, traditionally used to increase the power of prayer and healing. It also helps create a channel for angelic and spiritual messages. Generators are power crystals and direct and channel energy. The crystal contains inclusions of other crystals growing into the structure at some point in this crystals life. This crystal has its own lessons to teach, accessible with deep meditation, let its experience speak to you, directly to your souls core. +10.- for the LED stand if wanted, battery not included


Times are somewhat flexible. I also am willing to meet in Erin, Orangeville, Ballinafad, Brisbane, Acton and Georgetown, meet up is free of extra charges.


Mailing & Delivery

5 dollars for packing, plus mailing cost. Let me know your address so I can figure out the cost to send it. I can deliver it myself directly to your home for an extra 10 dollars instead of shipping by mail.

Listed by theangelhouseshop


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