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Niagara Falls


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1 year ago

fire stick TV, programmed with thousand of movies, TV shows and Live TV. This fire stick is not side loaded not jail broken, jail breaking is changing the operating system which is illegal. side loading is not, I can also side load almost any android device with a program that does the same for a smaller fee. I have been doing this for ten years, IOS is not supported as changing apples IOS is illegal. please contact with any questions. cut your cable TV bill for good and still enjoy all your programming. 8 sticks left


I am selling new fire sticks, cut those cable Bill's and enjoy all the movies and TV shows at no cost aside from your internet. All fire sticks have been side loaded and are not jailbroken. Side loading is totally legal, for a complete list of all apps and programs loaded please contact me. This is not like Kodi, all programs self update so there is no reason to ever return the stick unless more apps are wanted to be loaded. which I will do at no extra charge, cut your cable TV and never look back. I have been programming for 10 years and know what I am doing, I also offer the same install of this service on any android device with a single app. (small extra charge)

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