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INVISIBLE SCREEN - Worlds First Covert Invisible Phone Screen: ONLY VISIBLE TO THE OWNER! We build a secret screen for the smartphones and tablets that enables only (you) the user to see the contents by wearing special glasses. We has solved a problem many of us face while using our phones in public – how to protect what we're looking at from prying eyes. A secrecy screen that enables only the user to view! The mobile's screen is white, nothing can be seen, you can't even see the menu: But when you use the glasse and put them on, you'll see the complete menu, apps and everything. Nobody would see what you're looking at or which apps you're using when commuting. I hope you'll patronize my idea and products then I will begin a mass production for us to benefit from this technology as people can view private videos, photos, text messages, emails or they can make personal calls. We have things we don't want others to see and we cannot currently look at those private messages and feel secure. Message me on: Facebook: Call This Magic Youtube channel: Call This Magic International number to call: +13064000776 TAGS: iPhone "Phone Screen" "iPhone Screen" Glasses Chip Invisible Creator Inventor Spy Tech Technology Invention "Invisible Screen" Communication Engineering Gadget 2017 Market New "New Product" Mobile Screen See App "iPhone App" Production China Mass Production" Secure Security Privacy Vision Future Samsung Adidas Nike Blue Jays Ticket Gift Card Ticket Macbook Pro Air

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