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Brand new Windshield Snow Cover, 62"x56"




Tim Hortons



1 month ago

PREMIUM QUALITY PROTECTS YOUR WINDSHIELD keeping snow, frost, leaves, bird dropping and everything off the glass. No need to spend time and energy brushing off snow when you can instantly remove the cover and the snow falls off with it. Lets you leave faster in the morning and return home sooner * UNIVERSAL SIZE 62" by 56" fits cars, most SUVs and other vehicles. This has an extra long skirt that can be tucked into doors. Attaches with built in hooks. Won't blow off as a storm approaches like other poor quality covers do. This cover holds fast and stays strong with hours of protection * DURABLE & WATERPROOF made of thick oxford cloth intended for rugged outdoor use. You can use this in winter to keep snow, ice, and frost off your windshield. In summer to shield from sun, heat, and UV rays. Then in fall to keep piles of falling leaves from gathering on your windshield. Also protects from birds that can leave hard to clean messes * LOTS OF UPGRADES including the mirror covers that keep snow, ice, and dirt off your mirrors. No need to scrape mirrors on cold mornings. You can drive away immediately with full visibility and better safety. This premium windshield cover will quickly pay for itself with greater time saving convenience and protection for your auto investment

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