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Brand new Toilet Seat Covers Soft Warm Toilet Mat




Tim Hortons



2 months ago

Intimate design: This toilet pad comes with a handle design, which does not dirty hands, convenient and hygienic; the toilet seat is composed of two different colors, delicate workmanship, with interesting animal patterns, and is particularly flexible and suitable for many The types of toilets, such as U-shaped, V-shaped and O-shaped, are easy to install, disassemble and clean, allowing you to bid farewell to the cold toilet seat in cold weather. High quality: Toilet mat made of high-quality acrylic material, the fabric is very breathable and elastic, soft and skin-friendly. It can be used repeatedly after washing to prevent the growth of bacteria; at the same time, the toilet seat is elastic, so you can stretch them at will and accurately Installed on the toilet. It has a hose-like inside, but the hose is detachable, you can remove it if you don’t need it. Easy to use: first put the toilet cushion under the seat cushion, then flip the toilet mat from the inside out, and finally place the toilet lid completely on the seat cushion; considering the need to prevent bacteria from growing, we have prepared two sets of toilet seat cover pads for your convenience


will definitely bring you a great shopping experience. Easy to clean: As the toilet is prone to accumulate bacteria and dirt, for your health, we recommend that you clean the toilet seat regularly and replace it with a new one. It supports hand washing and washing machine washing; don’t worry about shed hair, it is very easy to handle and maintain ( Note: Please take out the plastic ring before cleaning). Reminder: Toilet Seat Cover Pads Size: Outer diameter 31cm(12.2in);Please read the size carefully before buying to make sure it can be used

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