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Brand new Stick Vacuum, Cordless Vacuum







11 months ago

NEWLY-UPGRADED BRUSHLESS MOTOR ] Our vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 80,000 rpm high-speed brushless motor and its speed is more than twice that of an ordinary 30,000 rpm brush motor. The cordless stick vacuum can stably output 250W high power and 20Kpa super suction, which can effectively remove all kinds of ground dust. [ 5 STAGES HIGH EFFICIENCY FILTRATION ] In addition to the traditional 4 stages filtration system, the ZOKER vacuum cordless is also designed with high efficiency filter at the air outlet to make the exhaust air cleaner, effectively avoiding secondary pollution and bringing cleaner air to the family. [ REMOVABLE HIGH-EFFICIENCY LARGE BATTERY ] Our small vacuum cleaner is equipped with 6*2200 mAh lithium batteries and it can run for up to 30 minutes. Even if you have a 135 square meter room, it's just a piece of cake for our wireless vacuum. And detachable battery is convenient for charging and repair. [ NEWLY-UPGRADED ROLLER BRUSH AND LED HEADLIGHTS ] Our vacuum cleaners cordless is equipped with a brand new 2-in-1 roller brush, eliminating the hassle of replacing the roller brush. In this way, it can be easily used on the floor and carpet. The LED headlight design makes dust hidden in dark corners nowhere to escape. [ Extension Rod and Multifunction ] The mini vacuum cleaner weighs 2.6 kg and can be easily switched from a hardwood floor vacuum to a portable hand vacuum cordless. The height-adjustable extension bar can meet your different requirements and improve the comfort of cleaning. Can it be used in the car? Of course! The vacuum cleaners cordless is equipped with multiple accessories, which can easily meet your various cleaning needs. 6 Does the wireless vacuum have a strong suction and is it light enough? Our small vacuum cleaner, with its principal part only weighs 2.6kg and can be easily used to reach all parts of your room. 6 Is it difficult to clean the corners of sofa? Not a problem! The cordless vacuum cleaner is designed to help you clean all the areas of your furniture and room with little hassle. 9 How to clean the filter ? The filter can be washed directly. However, please ensure that it is properly dried after washing to ensure maximum efficiency. We recommend that you clean the filter regularly to ensure an efficient suction. 9 Are you still worrying about the loud noise? No worry. Our hardwood floor vacuum is so quiet that it won’t bother your family. 10 How to clean the dust cup? With a click of a button, you can open the dust cup. Be sure to use our hard floor vacuum to clean up the garbage in time to give your family a clean and dust-free living environment. 11


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