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Brand new Smart Watch Gift IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Tim Hortons

Bluetooth connection: Sport smart watch is compatible with smartphones with IOS 9.0 and above/Android 4.4 and above. Please upgrade the mobile phone version before use; the watch needs to be connected to the APP via Bluetooth, not directly connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth. If it is connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth, It will cause the watch to fail to connect. √Turning the wrist to brighten the screen: Fitness smart watch has the function of turning the wrist to brighten the screen. If you don't want this function, you can turn it off in the APP. √Screen brightness adjustment: Smart watch for women has 6 stages of brightness adjustment. You can adjust the brightness to suit your environment according to your environment. √Female menstrual cycle reminder: Smart watch to women helps you record your menstrual cycle, allowing you to adjust your state and fitness time in time, and care for your physical health more. (This function can only be set after the watch is connected to the APP, so please Connect the watch to the APP first) √Breathing training: Activity tracker has a breathing training function to exercise your breathing, improve the wrong breathing method and relieve your stress. √IP68 waterproof: Smart watches with IP68 waterproof function, no longer afraid to use it in rain and swimming, allowing you to exercise as you like. (The watch can only be used within a depth of 30 meters, please do not use it in high temperature and high pressure, such as hot springs, showers, saunas, diving, etc.) √Music control: When you are exercising, you can control music playback, pause, etc. directly on your wrist without having to take out your phone. (This function is only for the watch to control music, not to play music on the watch) √Remote camera control: When the watch is connected to the APP, just shake the watch gently, and the shutter will record the moment of gathering with friends, family or lovers at that time. √Note: After connecting with the APP, please keep the APP running in the background, do not close or exit the APP, otherwise the watch will be disconnected. Smart Watch to Women Has 8 Sports Modes, Allowing Tou to be More Focused and Professional in Fitness Sports. Smart Watch with Many Sport Modes Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor Heart rate monitoring Smart watches can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen in real time, allowing you to know whether your health is at a normal level. (Real-time heart rate monitoring needs to be turned on in the APP) Sport Smartwatch with Sleep Tracking Night Sleep tracking Women's smart watch will automatically track your night sleep. You only need to wear the watch to go to sleep, and you can check your sleep time (deep sleep and light sleep time) the next day, so you can better understand your sleep state and improve. Smart Watch with Notification Reminder Call and notification reminder When the watch is connected, you can view the messages received on the mobile phone on your wrist, display the incoming call, and you can reject the call with one button when it is not convenient to answer the call. The watch does not have the ability to reply to messages and answer calls. Smartwatch for women with Wearther Forecast Weather forecast You can check the temperature changes and weather status of today and tomorrow directly on the watch, so that your fitness has a more precise exercise schedule, and it also makes your life more convenient. This function is displayed after connection. Smartwatch with Alarm Reminder Alarm reminder Sport smart watch can set three alarms, vibrate to remind you at the time you set, and you will not miss any important appointments, meetings, and other matters. Women's Smartwatch with Sedentary Reminder Sedentary reminder Smart watch for women will vibrate to remind you to get up and exercise, when it detects that you have been sitting still for a long time. This function helps you relax emotions, relieve stress and soothe muscles. This function needs to be turned on in the APP. BEST GIFT FOR YOUR LOVER,FRIEND OR FAMILY Ladies Smart Watch---Gift for women Features & details ❤Full Touch Color Screen and IP68 Waterproof:Smart watch has upgraded the full screen touch, bringing you a more comfortable and smooth touch experience. Equipped with two straps to facilitate your daily replacement. 6 kinds of screen brightness can be adjusted, 4 different styles of interfaces, giving you an upgraded experience. Women' smart watch reach IP68 waterproof level, so there is no need to worry about rain and water resistance in daily life such as hand washing and swimming. ❤All-day Smart Health Tracker:Fitness smart watch has a built-in new chip, which can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen and other health values more quickly while low power consumption,monitor your heart rate in real time,and better understand your own situation. Automatically track your sleep time,comprehensively analyze your sleep quality,improve your sleep habits.Ladies smart watch help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.Smartwatch are special gifts for yourself, family, lovers and friends. ❤A Variety of Intelligent Reminder Functions:Fitness tracker watch can view the calls and messages on the wrist,display the caller number and calendar.Vibration reminds you of messages from Facebook, WhatsApp,LinkedIn,Instagram and Twitter,allowing you to stay in touch and not miss any important messages.Not only that,sport smart watch can also set an alarm clock to help you remember important matters without forgetting it. It also has a sedentary reminder to make you closer to a healthy life. ❤Multiple Sports Modes and Female Cycle Reminder: Activity tracker supports 8 sports modes:walking,running,cycling and swimming.Connecting GPS to the mobile phone can display the exercise status and exercise route on the mobile phone to help you better understand the specific exercise effect and achieve better fitness goals.You can also set the female menstrual cycle,help you record the menstrual cycle and provide you with intimate physiological help,allowing you to focus more on your health. ❤More Functions and Compatibility:GKOOO smart watch have many practical functions,such as music control,remote camera control,stopwatch,breathing training,find bracelet,do not disturb mode, etc. Smart watch accurately records all-day activities:steps,distance,calories,etc.Fitness watch is compatible with mobile phone versions of IOS 9.0 and above/Android 4.4 and above,and is only compatible with the "Da Fit" APP.Please download and install the APP and upgrade the mobile version before use.

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