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Brand new Shade Sail Waterproof Outdoor UV Sun Shade Sail Triangle 12'x 12'x 12'







2 months ago

High quality: The product sail shade is composed of polyester and a little bit of PU . It has light resistance, water resistance, tear resistance, water resistance, and no mold and stains. Waterproof and breathable: Wateproof shade sails up to 95% UV protection and 90% shading. This material is easily penetrated by air and does not accumulate heat, and water can dry quickly. It does not include glare and ultraviolet rays. Awnings can reduce ambient air temperature, cooling costs and energy consumption. Your new awning will save you money soon. Easy to install and store: sun sail shade can be installed/disassembled in a few minutes and can be folded. Please install it at an angle of at least 20-40 degrees to prevent rainwater from accumulating. Wide range of uses: widely used in patio,courtyards, lawns, gardens, swimming pools, ponds, decks, courtyards, backyards, porches, parks, carports, pavilions, sandboxes, driveways or other outdoor areas. Our shade sails for patio can be flexibly assembled to suit any situation. Curved design to prevent sagging: the edge of the sunshade sail has a curve to make the sail tension. As the four corners of the sail are tightened, the edge curve tries to straighten, which in turn tightens the fabric. This design not only improves the pulling force, but also effectively prevents the sunshade sail from sagging. Enjoy Your Life In the warmest month of the year, Jneaicn shade sails can give you a different experience outdoors. With our shade sails, you can enjoy comfortable weather outdoors without having to hide for most of the day. The sunshade sail can block 88%-95% of ultraviolet rays. Reduce color temperature and ultraviolet rays in summer. Therefore, even on the hottest days, shade sails can make you feel comfortable. And the Jneaicn shade sail is waterproof, but it cannot prevent heavy rain. So for your long-term use, we hope you take off the shade sail in bad weather. Application Site Application Main Picture Product Desciption The sunshade sail is made of polyester and a little PU coating. It is waterproof but not heavy rain. We sincerely recommend that you remove it in bad weather (such as strong winds, thunderstorms or storms) to extend its service life. With concave cut side edges, it is stable, the tension is evenly distributed, and the fabric remains flat and does not sag. Due to the concave shape, the shade sails is smaller than the specified size. The size refers to the D-ring (not the textile surface). All dimensions are approximate dimensions with a tolerance of approx. +/- 5%. Installation method Installation Method The installation of the sunshade sail is very simple. You only need to use a rope to connect the D-ring to the hook to complete the installation, but it must be slightly inclined 20-40 degrees to ensure a good drainage effect. With certain fasteners, you Sunshade sails and even trees can be installed on walls, fences, and columns. Suitable for your terrace, garden, lawn, parking lot and other venues.


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