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Brand new Sewing Machine, Mini Portable Double Speed Electric Sewing Machines




Tim Hortons



3 weeks ago

Hook Bottom Line A. Place the bobbin with thread of your choice in the bobbin holder in clockwise direction leaving about 10 inches of thread extended out form the bobbin holder through the gap as per the image. B. Move the foot lever up C. The presser foot is raised D. 1 is the Bottom thread;2 is Bobbin thread E. Turn the handwheel counterclockwise until the needle comes down completely. F. Pull it gently up and you will see the bottom thread has caught bobbin thread. Pull the two threads out as shown in the picture. How to Get A New Bobbin Coil How to Get A New Bobbin Coil Step 1: Take out the thread of 1 bobbin from all thread guide. Step 2: Place an empty bobbin at position 2 in the picture. Step 3: Place the selected thread at position 3 in the figure, and pull out the thread and wrap it around the empty bobbin. Step 4: Lift the thread slightly as shown in the image, and turn on the power to wind the thread. Take out the thread of 1 bobbin from all thread guide. How to Change the Needle How to Change the Needle Raise the needle bar, prepare an empty bobbin, hold the needle bar with one hand, then use the bobbin to loosen the thimble screw, take out the old needle, install the new needle. Please note that the plane of the needle must face the needle clamp screw direction, then insert the needle into the needle hole and push it to the bottom, and finally tighten the screw. Lighting Design Lighting Design Built-in night light, easy to operate in dark light, sewing assistant at night. Adjustable Dual Speed Adjustable Dual Speed Simply push one button, two different sewing speed can be chosen. Allows you to finish projects in less time. Eat thick of 5 -layer denim Eat thick of 5 -layer denim Can sew through a variety of thicker fabrics to complete almost all of your sewing projects. Foot Pedal Included Foot Pedal Included Make your sewing faster, easier, and more accurate. Sewing machine is the best gift for friends or children

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