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Brand new Rainbow Window Film 3D Window Privacy Film 18x79




Tim Hortons



4 months ago

Fashionable Decoration and Rainbow Effect: This 3D window film has a special irregular crescent pattern. When it is installed, it will reflect and produce a rainbow-like visual effect when it is directly exposed to the sun, and will bring unique decoration to your doors, windows and glass . It can be used in homes, offices, hotels and other places; it is very economical and can effectively replace those expensive curtains. 17.7x78.7Inches (Free scraper & installation instructions) ❤Prevent Ultraviolet Rays and Strong Sunlight: This glass film is made of high-quality materials, which can effectively reduce irritating glare, while blocking 84% of UVA rays and 99% of UVB rays, protecting your skin and furniture from sun damage; let it be filtered Natural light enters, and avoid dazzling and eye discomfort caused by glare when reading books and TV. ❤Safe and Adhesive-Free: The window sticker is a static glue, without any chemical glue, it is very easy to install on a flat, clean, smooth glass surface, and it is easy to remove and there is no residue; it can be used for multiple times by just storing it correctly reuse. It is the best choice for homes, offices, and rental places. ❤Privacy protection, high-quality life: The semi-privacy protection window film can prevent people from directly seeing the room from the outside and block the outdoor landscape, thereby adding part of the effective privacy protection to your personal space and family. It should be noted that the privacy protection level is ★★★☆☆, it is not recommended to use in the bathroom. ❤Important Knowledge Point: The 3D window film itself does not actually have any color before installation. It uses a special 3D laser design. After installation, when the sun shines on the film, it will show colorful visual effects. At the same time, the window film can also have a light color under the reflection of the indoor light; during the installation process, please spray a lot of water on the window surface and the back of the window film to effectively fix it.

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