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Brand New PS5 Disc version



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1 week ago

Hey guys!!! So long story short, I got two iPads from different parts of the family for Christmas last year…. My job is graphic design so I only needed one 😂 the other has only been opened to see if it was fully functional before I sold it. SO! This is BRAND NEW. I wrapped it back in its plastic preventing from any scratches and kept it in its box so it’s all nice, shiny, and new!!! :) comes with everything it’s sold for on apple’s website or in store. I gotta tell ya, this thing is a BEAST! It’s honestly replacing my MacBook Pro computer. It’s super light, thin, so easy to travel with or snuggle in bed watching YouTube, and it’s the largest screen size at 12.9inches. This is the newest 2022 model at the 5th generation. Its the 128GB, wifi only version (not cellular) but you can of course use a hotspot if you need internet out somewhere using it. It’s an iPad PRO, not just an iPad so it has the M1 chip, Retina display, 4k, and processing speeds that are INCREDIBLE for super fast multitasking capabilities (im a nerd) lol So I wanted to discount it a bit (around $200) which takes off taxes and an extra $100 off if you got it from the store so I’ll actually be able to sell it and allow someone to have it and enjoy it as much as I am with my other one! I was gonna give it to my big brother but he’s in tech so he ended up just getting a new computer instead. But this is definitely my new computer now!!! So all in all, it’s up for grabs! Willing to negotiate as well! :) just wanting to extend the holiday spirit to someone who wants this piece of life changing technology in their life! Especially college students!!!! No more notebooks :-) wooohoo!


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