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3 months ago

6 Way Pool Test Strips】Testing 6 parameters for your swimming pool & spa: PH, total chlorine, bromine, total alkalinity, total hardness and cyanuric acid. 📍【Easy to Use】Just dip one test paper in liquid 2 seconds, take it out and wait for 30 seconds, than compare 6 color indicators with the color chart on the bottle. The water quality results can be obtained within 1 minute without complicated water test kit. 🔍【Sealed Package 】Bottle mouth of ph test kit is sealed to prevent oxidation and improve detection accuracy. 🎁【Affordable】A total of 50 pcs bromine test strips, bottled moisture-proof which can be stored for a long time, so it is suitable for testing water quality in daily life regularly. 🏊【Wide Application】Water test strips can be used for testing swimming pool, spa, hot hub and aquarium to keep the water clean. Please contact us in case of any related issues. Description 6 Way Spa Test Strips for Hot Tube 50 Pcs Pool Test Strips 💦Poor water quality will cause diseases or damage device, so it is necessary to test your pool/drink water quality regularly. Pool test strips will help you test quickly and accuratly, ideal for pool, spa and drink water. And testing at home will save your time and money. ▶Easy to Use 🧪Step 1: remove a strip from the bottle. 🧪Step 2: dip strip in water sample for 2 seconds. 🧪Step 3: take it out and hold the strip horizontally for 30 seconds. 🧪Step 4: compare result against color chart on bottle. ▶Test 6 Parameters ⛱️PH (Range: 6.2-8.4) -avoid equipment damage and keep your sanitizer working effectively. ⛱️Total Chlorine (Range: 0-10 ppm) -know exactly when to shock. ⛱️Free Chlorine (Range: 0-22 ppm) -keep your chlorine-sanitized water sparkling clean. ⛱️Total Alkalinity (Range: 0-240 ppm) -prevent sudden PH changes. ⛱️Total Hardness (Range: 0-1000 ppm) -protect your tub or spa from corrosion and scaling. ⛱️Cyanuric Acid (Range: 0-300 ppm) -protects chlorine breakdown from sunlight. ▶Testing Tips 🏝️Test pool water at least twice a week. 🏝️ Store strips away from extreme heat and sunlight. 🏝️Close cap shut after removing a strip. 🏝️ When testing spa water, jets must be off. ▶Application 🌊Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, Aquarium, Fish Pond, Tap Water, Water Softener System, Drinking Water, Well Water Etc.

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