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Brand new OBD2 Scanner AL500 Code Reader




Tim Hortons



4 months ago

All-in-1 OBD2 Scanner ‒ Keep Cars Running Safely on the Road: Support all OBD2 protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, CAN; Work with American vehicle after 1996, European vehicle after 2002, and Asian vehicles after 2006; Support 10 modes of OBD2 test; I/M and HELP shortcut keys for quick tests; LED indicator in 3 colors for different DTCs; Diagnostic connector with LED illumination; Support data review & printing; DTC Lookup & LCD Color Display; Lifetime update included (for newer cars and more cars); Multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese OBD2 SCANNER WHAT CAN AL500 CODE READER DO FOR YOU? TOPDON AL500 code reader can do all OBD2 scanners do with all the OBD2 functions you need. This check engine light killer can read and clear fault codes, view data stream, I/M Readiness, Freeze Frame and vehicle information, and run O2 sensor test, On-board monitor test, and EVAP system test. Money Saver ‒ Avoid Being Charged More than Needed Through these OBD2 functions, you can tell the difference between a faulty gas cap and a bad catalytic converter, which costs much more than a gas cap and get a wealth of information about which parts cause the light on, and save unnecessary money and time on driving to dealership and wait for days. Frequently needed information are below: O2 Sensor Gas Cap Catalytic Converter Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Mass Air Flow Sensor Ignition Coils Spark Plugs Spark Plugs Wires Thermostat EGR Valve Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Valve (EVAP) OBD2 SCANNER WHAT MAKES AL500 DIFFERENT? In addition to the OBD2 functions, TOPDON AL500 is also designed with lots of additional functions, allowing DIY users to fix it on one’s own and enabling mechanics to greatly improve their work efficiency. Expand Your Capability-HELP Shortcut Key Provides quick access to the built-in Help Menus associated with the current DTC; Offers you advanced DTCs query to identify the detailed meaning, causes and tips of DTCs; Enables you to troubleshoot and fix the issues by yourself. Make Diagnostics Easier & Faster. LED Light in OBD2 connector makes it easy for users to find the OBD2 DLC (16-PIN Data Link Connector) of the vehicle in the dim environment (at night, underground parking) and plug it into the DLC fast and firmly, speeding up the whole diagnostic progress. OBD2 SCANNER 3-Color LED Indicator LED Indicator in 3 colors ‒ Let you know the vehicle’s health condition at a glance. This diagnostic scanner displays different colors for different fault codes: Green ‒ No fault code; Yellow ‒ Pending fault codes; Red ‒ Permanent fault codes. OBD2 SCANNER DTC Detailed Description DTC Lookup ‒ Turn this OBD2 scanner, AL500, into an electronic dictionary of DTCs. Get DTCs’ explanation in 2 seconds. Input the 5-digit code; View its detailed definition; Press [HELP] key; View the diagnostic tips/solution for the current DTCs. OBD2 SCANNER Data Sharing via Printing Data Printing ‒ Print the records saved in read codes or data stream and share your diagnostic data with others for further analysis. Connect AL500 to a PC; Download and run the Update Tool; Select and print the data. OBD2 SCANNER 2 Shortcut Key to Save Time: I/M Shortcut Key: directly access to I/M Readiness function and check if the vehicle is ready for the emission test. HELP Shortcut Key: quickly get detailed descriptions or tips for current diagnostics. OBD2 SCANNER User-Friendly Design Extra-long and durable diagnostic cable (about 56.49 inches) allows you to diagnose even out of vehicle. The anti-collision structure, clearly arranged keys, easy-to-follow interface, hand-held size, etc. make this OBD2 scanner sturdy, durable, and easy to use. OBD2 SCANNER Product Update Lifetime update service helps fix the bugs and improve performance. Note: Update function is only compatible with Windows XP/7/8&10. OBD2 SCANNER Features & details ✔️Turn off the Engine Light✔️ Check Engine Light on? Why? Designed to inspect the emission-related problems on vehicles and turn off the Check Engine Light, this OBD2 code reader can easily find out the cause of the Light and help you turn off it quickly after certain repairs. ✔️Pass the Smog Test✔️ Is my car ready for a smog test? With I/M Readiness function, this OBD2 scanner can tell you if the emission-related monitors are ready for the smog test or if the repairs has been performed correctly. I/M Shortcut Key enables you to get quick access to this function.thousands of dollars for a failure annual smog check. ✔️Effective Car Status Analysis✔️ This code reader offers various indispensable functions: O2 Sensor Test, On-board Monitor, Freeze Frame, EVAP Test, etc., to keep car running safely. Among them, Read Vehicle Info allows you to retrieve the VIN quickly. No need to look for the long numbers and input. ❤️Everything Considered for You❤️ Plug and play; built-in DTC library with 3000+ detailed definition for your reference; a LED in different colors (green, yellow and red) intuitively showing different car health statuses; 🔦most differently, this OBD2 scanner is designed with a LED in the OBD2 cable for you to find the OBD port of the vehicle, especially in the dim light. ✔️Wide Vehicle Coverage + Warranty✔️ This OBD2 code reader works on most US-based cars since 1996, EU-based cars since 2000, and Asian-based cars since 2008, and is compatible with all the OBD2 protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, CAN (Controller Area Network)

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