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Brand new Mini Spy Camera, 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera Kits Easy Sits Concealed in Object







2 months ago

Easy to Hide Mini Spy Camera】- Build your own live streaming WiFi hidden camera, or just want a miniature spy camera that can DIY and go anywhere, this one is the device for the job. This mini spy cam kit is designed to give you the best in hidden camera technology. The pinhole lens is easily hidden or built into the object of your choice, allowing it to blend in wherever you need covert surveillance ✅【Discreetly Record Covert Operation】- The spy camera hidden camera kit is small and portable allowing you to hide it almost anywhere, or even build your own nanny cam. It small that can be used in home or business applications and easily hidden with no lights to draw attention to it. That can help you keep monitoring your house without giving out the fact that someone is watching. Leaving them no chance of realizing they are being caught on camera ✅【WiFi Configure Remote Viewing & Non-WiFi Self Recording】- Once this mini spy camera set up to wifi router, you have access to remote viewing. In addition to live streaming, you can also record video to a micro SD card, and set it to record either on motion activation or 24/7 continuous recording. Everything is controlled via the app making it easy to control or adjust the various settings. If don’t have or need to WiFi live streaming, this tiny hidden camera available no wifi self directly recording to the sd card and will auto overwrite ✅【Motion Detection Push Alert】- The hidden camera features optional motion detection alerts, You can even set up motion alerts to notify you instantly if your camera detects activity, this makes the camera perfect for home security, or to just let you know that your kids made it home safely from school ✅【Rechargable Battery】- The wireless small spy camera kit can be either AC or battery powered, depending on your specific recording needs. The package come with battery, allow to continued recording. Battery power is perfect for short term applications, while AC power is designed for around-the-clock operation, even longer (Not for PC) ✅【Tips】- Read the manual details as possible before you set up camera to working, it will helping you a lot and saving you times. This spy cmera kit not included charging cord, it use micro USB port How It Work- Build your own WiFi streaming hidden camera, or just want a mini spy camera that can go anywhere, this camera kit is the perfect for the purpose. The small lens is easily hidden or built into the object of your choice. Just discreetly sit somewhere and record content through a small camera lens you can connect using Wi-Fi to have a remote viewing anywhere via free smartphone app. Feature with motion alerts to notify you instantl; Self recording to the sd card without netwrok configure and work with loop recording, perfect for home or office security Application- Getting Harassed? Missing stuff? Suspect someone close to you isn’t being honest? Watch over your kids, know how they are being treated while you’re not around. Watch your pets, pets are goofy animals and nothing is more fun than to record on your furry friends while you’re away Kindly Note Before you Purchased- The SD card not included It only available for 2.4G network 2 3 4 Easy to Hide DIY Camera Kit The mini lens is easily hidden or built into the object of your choice. That can help you keep monitoring your house without giving out the fact that someone is watching 5 Spy Discreetly Recording The DIY spy camera kit is small and portable allowing you to hide it almost anywhere, or even build your own nanny camera. Easily hidden with no alarm to draw attention to it 6 WiFi Remote Viewing Onece this mini spy camera connects to your home WiFi router, which allows it to stream live video directly to your smartphone app 7 Motion Detection Notification Motion detection feature that has been built into this wifi hidden camera. When activated, the camera can send you notifications that alerts you to movement in view of the camera 8 Streams 1080P Video The spy camera hidden camera allows you to stream 1080P video so you can easily see what’s going on here. Adjust the video resolution to 720P depending on your bandwidth, streaming, and/or recording needs 9 Records to Micro SD (128GB max, Not Included) Self recording videos are saved to micro SD memory card up to 128 gigabyt, come with card reader so you can read it in PC easily 10 Non-WiFi Model Available It can directly record to sd card without WiFi. And don’t need to have internet connection to access the camera on your phone for short distance since it supports p2p. (But no distant limited remote viewing still need to have internet configure) 10 Contiuned/ Loop Recording Once it insert sd and powre on, the video will auto recording to the memory card feature and auto overwrite when it full, so you can record what happened in case you weren’t watching it happen live, record 24/7 so you don’t miss a thing 12 App Control Everything is control through the smartphone app making it easy to control your camera or adjust the various settings. so we need to download and install an app named “iWFCam” 13 Battery or AC Powered This hidden camera features 2 power supply options. Use the included battery pack to get up to 4-5h of power, or keep it plug into AC power for 24/7 operation. Which depending on your specific needs 14 Multiple User You can set up the Wi-Fi password from your router by tapping on manual or set up Wi-Fi connections the interface itself allows you to add multiple cameras which you can view 15 Time and Date Stamp Date and time are optionally displayed in the corner of the video. This feature comes in especially handy if the video is needed for discovery or evidence Video Resolution: 1080P Remote View: Yes Night Vision: No Motion Detection Alert: Yes Storage Type: Micro SD Card (128GB Max) Power Supply: Battery or AC Power Battery Life: 4-5H Streaming App: iWFCam Smartphone Compatible: Android and iOS WiFi Router Compatibility: 2.4G Only Recording Mode: Conitnure /Loop Record Auto Recording: Yes Auto Overwrite: Yes Time/Date Stamp: Yes Viewing Angle: 90°


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