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Brand new Memory Foam Pillow Neck Pillow for Sleeping




1 month ago

Ergonomic Design: Non toxic, non smell, contains no latex and no harmful chemicals memory foam pillow is 100% compatible with your head, neck, shoulder and back. Its contoured, ergonomic design follows the natural curve of your body, especially the neck area, properly supporting your head, neck, and shoulders when you sleep on your back or side, allowing you to drift off into uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Portable Size Pillow: 19''*10.6''*4.13''/2.16'' (Higher end - 4.13 inches, lower end - 2.16 inches). HOUSETAR pillow has different size on both sides, so you can pick the right size to support your neck, shoulder. More Breathable and Comfortable: A traditional foam pillow gives your head and ears a muggy feeling, it effects your sleeping quality directly. However, Housetar memory foam pillow is more breathable, Which means it gives you a silky soft and smooth feeling. Reduce Snoring: Ergonomic hollow design will help you breathe smoothly as you sleep. The hypoallergenic memory foam lines up your head and neck as a proper posture, so it can release the pressure from your shoulder and reduce snoring. Easy Care & Durable - Our luxury silk pillow cases can be tossed right into the washing machine without the fear of fading or shrinkage. Machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water with silk-friendly detergent and air dry. Please note that the memory foam pillow core is NOT WASHABLE !

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