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Brand new Meat Thermometer







5 days ago

The Specification of Meat Thermometer ● Accuracy: ±1℃ ( ±2℉) ● Response Time: 1-3 Seconds ● Measure Range: -50℃ to 300℃ (-58℉ to 572℉) ● Recalibrated: 0℃ or 32℉ ● Shell Material: ABS ● Battery Supply: 1pcs AAA battery ● Probe Material: Food grade 304 stainless steel1 ● Folding Probe Size: Length 4.5in, Diameter 0.12in ● Wired Probe Size: Probe length 6.5in, Wire length 39in ● Size of Package: 7×2.2×1in, Screen: 1.8×0.8in 3 304 Stainless Steel Probe & Long Folding Probe The ultra-thin probe provides the sensitivity needed for precise readings to 0.1℃. 11.5cm in length, our probe folds away just enough for those hard-to-reach places you need to reaches easily into the core of large roasts and loaves, even if your food is used at high temperatures, the probe of the thermometer will not rust. 4 A Protective Firm On The Surface There is a protective thin firm on the surface. After you receive our food thermometer, you can peel off the protective firm, It will look more clear. 5 Magnetic Design & Convenient to Store With an internal magnet, you could use the magnet on the back to stick it to the fridge or grill. Or use the large hang hole to place on a kitchen hook. 5 Calibration Function 1. Insert the probe with probe touching the ice water. 2. Hold the "CAL" button for 5seconds until “CAL" flashes on the display. 3. Adjust the reading (press “CAL/HOLD” to increase/decrease the temp values). 6 Backlight Function The food thermometer coming with a large backlight display, which allows you to read the degree of food even in the dark. Press the light icon button to turn on the backlight and press it again to close. The backlight will be off after 10s of inactivity. 7 Alarm function Press the "ALARM SET" button. And then Press the "°F/°C" button to increase the number or press the "HOLD" button to decrease, press the "alarm set" button to confirm. When the measured temperature reaches the preset reading, the unit will beep and flash. The beep will stop automatically in 1 min. The LCD will keep flashing until the temperature declines or the thermometer is closed. Press any buttons to stop the beep. 8 Data-hold Function Lock button locks the current reading even after pulling out the probe from the heat source, to help you keep your hands away from the heat and read the temperature safely. Press "HOLD" key to hold the temperature. Press it once again to release HOLD. 9 Features & details Instant Read & Accurate: Food thermometer readings only takes 2-3 seconds. Press the ℉/℃ button to switch the temperature between Centigrade and Fahrenheit, accuracy of (+/-1°C )and a wide range of (-58°F ~ 572°F).Say goodbye to overdone or undercooked food. Dual Probe Thermometer Design: The meat thermometer uses a dual probe design. 39’’ long wire probe that you can track the meat thermometer from the machine outside, while the original probe can only measure the food after taking out from the machine. Use it in oven/stove/fryer/griller.The probe can be washed under running water without worry. Safe & Alarm Setting: Set your desired drinks or meat temperature and without the need to check the temp constantly. When The Food or Liquid Exceeds The Preset Temperature The Food Thermometer Will Beep to Notify you.Auto shut-off function after 10 minutes of inactivity helps save power for extended use. Digital feature & Backlight: With a foldable 304 stainless steel probe,combine top-quality sensing sensor with the stainless steel step-down tip, stick tip-in,the cooking thermometer can be easily inserted into food or liquid and maintain the temperature. The Large Backlit LCD Screen Can Easily Read The Temperature of Food Whether it is in the Sun or in the Dark. Easy to use: With Magnetic and Hanging Holes, you can either hook the food thermometer to the wall or attach its magnetic back to the refrigerator within easy reach.The Barbecue Thermometer can be washed for probe by water directly. Once you splash water on the unit body, dry it with a piece of cloth soon. Hi


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