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Brand new LED Lights Strip for Bedroom 50FT

Tim Hortons

When you are in a bad mood, turn on the light strip, connect your mobile phone, and put on a piece of soothing music. The light strip will flash with the rhythm of the music, so that your bad mood will slowly calm down. The light strip has a timing function, you can set it in the mobile app. When you return home from work, the light strip will automatically turn on at the time you set. I hope that it will bring you warmth and let you Won't feel so dull When you invite your boyfriend (girlfriend) to your home, please put on a piece of music and connect the light strip. At this moment, the light flashes in accordance with the rhythm of the music. Invite your boyfriend (girlfriend) to dance together. How wonderful it will be More use environments are waiting for you to explore, but please note that it is not waterproof. strip lights lights strip led lights strip lights Features & details Sound response: light strip with flexible voice detection, the light will change color according to the size of your voice, which is very cool, you can turn on this mode on the three-button remote New upgrade: There are 18 LED lamp beads per meter, which is 6 more lamp beads than the usual LED lamp belt, and the color is more bright and beautiful Powerful APP function: you no longer have to worry about finding the remote control, you only need to download our application in your phone, you can control the light strip in the application at any time, and a variety of lighting functions are waiting for you to turn on Considerate design: Adhesive is attached to the back of the light strip, you only need to clean the place where the light strip needs to be installed before installation, remove the adhesive, and you can paste it and install it without purchasing additional tape

3 weeks ago In Home & Furniture
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