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Brand new Laptop Stand Riser - 9 Height/Angle Adjustable




Tim Hortons



3 months ago

One second it’s a full portable workspace; the next it’s a tiny 11x11x1” ‘book’ in your backpack.What will AboveTEK invent next? Designed to help you comfortably work anywhere, for however long you’d like, this 9 height and angle adjustable, book size pack away wonder boasts all the space you need to ‘get the job done’ without weighing down your carryon, or wrecking your eyes, neck and back. Abundant Desk Space - 6” to 17” Laptop Buttery Smooth, Reinforced Hinges Long Lasting ABS Construction CoolKeeper Heat Redistribution 9 Adjustable Heights & Angles Onboard Cell Phone Holders Supports 22 LBS 4 Holds 22 LBS - Wobble Free Heavy-duty MDF, reinforced joints and stability optimized legs and hinges support more weight than the heaviest laptop on the planet, so it won’t warp, wobble or collapse, even if you’re the bouncy-knee type 4 Built to Ease the Strain - Eyes, Neck, Back & Brain 9 strategically selected height and angle adjustments promote proper posture, and perfect line of sight, allowing you to focus on the work ahead, not the pain in your body, even during grueling all-nighters 34 Creature Comforts - Never Miss a Call 2 onboard cell phone holders combine with our innovative cord keeper system, ensuring you can fold it out and get to work without worrying about what’s snagging, who’s calling, or missing out on a single deal-closing text 12 Includes 1x Laptop Stand, 2x Cell Phone Docks, 1x Instruction Manual (but it’s so easy to assemble, open, adjust and fold into its book size that you won’t need them!) Step 1: Unbox the laptop stand and accessories Step 2: Unfold the center plate Step 3: Slide cooling knobs into slots Step 4: Adjust to fit your laptop or tablet. Step 4: Unfold your phone stands and secure your devices in place Features & details Innovation At Its Finest - Optimized for Travel and Peak Performance in Tight Spaces, The AboveTEK GENIE BOOK laptop stand provides the abundant workspace of the biggest laptop stand riser then transforms into a tiny book size pack-along you can store or take anywhere Adjustable, Ergonomic Relief - 9 Way Height & Angle foldable laptop stand delivers superior line of sight, encouraging the proper posture that promotes relief to your otherwise weary eyes, joints and muscles, even during the longest days Fits Your Laptop - Organizes Your Life: With 2 Onboard cell phone holders, a madness alleviating cord keeper, and ample surface area for any 6” to 17” laptop, this is the portable laptop stand to get if you want plenty of space to hold your MacBook, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface or Alienware gaming investment Rock Solid, Featherlight - Weighs [1.9 lbs], Supports 22: Reinforced ABS and formidable engineering ensures your electronics stay safe and steadily in place, without wobbling, warping or collapsing, so you can stop wasting time making sure it won’t tip, and reinvest that time on better work life balance Stay Cool - Stay Protected: Strategically placed surface holes, combined with silicone non-slip knots increase base airflow, promoting proper heat distribution away from your device and body. Get it, use this portable desk to its fullest for 12 months and absolutely love how it transforms a tiny workspace into maximum productivity, or your money back. No questions asked

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