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Brand new Heated Massage Gun, Deep Tissue Muscle Massager




Tim Hortons



2 months ago

A Powerful and Quiet Commercial-Grade Heated Massage Gun Urikar Pro 1 combines the effectiveness of a hot compress with percussive therapy. We have found that a constant 45-degree Celsius hot compress achieves the best effect, and the massage effect is powerful without being uncomfortable. Urikar Pro 1 works deep to melt away tension and release soreness, empowering you to care for your body. Urikar Brand Well Beyond Healthcare How we got our start? In 2015, our founder Mr. Bob set out to create more effective therapies for muscle pains and help people recover in a smarter way. Urikar's product lines cover massage guns, fitness equipment and more. Urikar aims to provide professional and customized health and fitness solutions for all. What makes our product unique? Infused throughout Urikar Pro 1 is a passion for innovation and exploring new ideas. With the low noise level and have built-in 180° rotatable touch activated grip, 3+1 tailored modes, and heat application. Smarter and powerful. Get Urikar like your own personal assistant by your side. Why we love what we do? "We want to power your motivation and support your desire to move better, feel better, and live better. That's why we established Urikar." - Bob Xiong Whether you're new or hope for a more positive and healthier lifestyle, join us and kickstart healthy changes in your life starting from now. 11 ►Daily Massage Time Constant speed mode: Maintains the same rotational speed and vibration frequency. You can adjust the speed (choosing from 6 levels) according to your needs. This is suitable for daily massages. 21 ►Before Exercise Intermittent mode: This is an intermittent massage that builds up and down from the fastest speed and strongest vibration frequency. Great for warming up the muscles before exercise. 33 ►After Exercise Ladder mode: This is a cyclic massage that works from low-frequency to high-frequency vibration. The low to high vibration frequency promotes blood circulation, gradually breaks down lactic acid, and restores optimal muscle performance. 34 ►Muscle Injury (cramps/inflammation) Heating mode: In any of the three modes above, long-press the "mode" button to start heating. The constant temperature hot compress further promotes the recovery of muscles. 1 The Urikar Pro 1 delivers 60% deeper amplitude and increased speed with up to 60lbs of force. This is a powerful and potent dose you won't find with the usual low-amplitude, high-speed devices. 2 Urikar Pro 1 impacts muscles with a targeted, scientifically calibrated dose. All it takes is a quick 30-second sweep over muscle groups to increase circulation, release tension and soreness, and enhance performance. 3 Urikar Pro 1 offers one of our biggest leaps in battery life, with an internal lithium-ion battery providing 12 hours of continuous use. 31 Urikar Pro 1 becomes part of your daily health routine and allows you to give yourself your own custom treatment. 4 Mode Indicator Lights The three green indicator lights indicate three different modes. Short press the "Mode" key to switch the common modes and long press to enter the heating mode. You can enjoy three normal massage modes or three massage modes + hot compressor only hot compress. 5 Infinity Wheel Speed Knob The Urikar Pro 1 can be controlled by the infinity wheel speed knob to select any speed between our scientifically calibrated 1200-3600 RPM range. And you only need to hold down the "Lock" key to rotate the grip for a relax time with back massage. 41 Touch-sensitive 180° Rotatable Grip Urikar uses a 180° rotatable touch-sensitive grip for the first time. Built-in two touch-sensing devices, the response time is about 0.02 seconds. It conforms to the energy-saving design and extends the battery life. 51 Convection Cooling System The top and bottom air inlets are designed to prevent dust from entering the brushless motor. Heat dissipation is highly effective, meaning the motor will keep running at a constant speed after prolonged use. 6 8 Easy-to-Clean Foam Attachments Super-soft Air Plug Head - Impact Level: 1/6 - Used mostly for sensitive areas, including tender or bony areas. Heating Head - Impact Level: 2/6 - Used as a hot compress for damaged or inflamed muscles. Perfect for general use. (Note: Please use the heating head when using heating mode.) Wedge Head - Impact Level: 3/6 - Perfect for shoulder blades and IT bands. Commonly used for “scraping” and “flushing,” which help decrease the amount of lactic acid in muscles. Standard Ball Head - Impact Level: 3/6 - Perfect for general use on large and small muscle groups. U-Shaped Head - Impact Level: 3/6 - Used mostly for shoulders, neck, spine, and calves. The U-shaped design helps avoids bone stress. Triangular Soft Head - Impact Level: 5/6 - Suitable for large muscle groups such as the abdomen, back, or chest. Perfect for massaging biceps and triceps. Flat Head - Impact Level: 5/6 - Mainly used for relaxing the muscles of the whole body, especially the abdomen, chest, and legs. Cone Head - Impact Level: 6/6 - Used mostly for pinpoint muscle treatment, including the hands and feet. 7 Features & details TOUCH SENSITIVE HANDLE – Simply grip the handle to start vibration with zero delay. 180° rotatable and can easily reach all areas of your back. 3+1 SMART MODES – Choose between constant speed, intermittent, ladder, and heating modes. Suitable for beginners, gym-goers, professional athletes, and physiotherapists. RAPID & ACCURATE – The brushless 55mm diameter motor can generate frequencies of 3600 RPM, deep to 15mm. 6 SPEEDS & MULTIPLE HEADS – Adjust the speed easily by rotating the dial, and switch between 8 interchangeable heads to target specific muscle groups. 12-HOUR BATTERY LIFE – Equipped with a 2600mAh international UL-certified lithium-battery. Charge once and use for a month.

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