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Brand new Golf Rangefinder,6X Magnification Range Finder







1 month ago

LASER RANGEFINDER FAST ACCURATE READING】Golf laser rangefinderMeasurement 5-1000 yds, Field of view measurement 122m(7 degrees), 6 X Magnification, The measurement speed is fast and the reading is accurate, LCD clear display, Precision pro golf nx7 pro laser rangefinder. 【LIGGTWEIGHT UNIQUE DESIGN RANGE FINDERS】Best golf rangefinder size:114.6mm x 40mm x 73mm, weight 150g,golf rangefinder objectiv lens aperture 25mm, Eyepiece 15mm, Diameter of exit pupil 3.9mm, laser type 906nm, level 1. 【MULTIFUNCTION EASYTOUSE】Monocular range finder all you have to do is point at the target, push a button, and get near-instantaneous accuracy range data on the LCD display, Short press the MODE button to select different modes of laser rangefinrde. 【FAST FOCUS ACCURACY & CLEAR VIEW】Reliable accuracy and clear field of view provide accurate true measurements rangefinder for golfers, Monocular range finder eyepiece focal length diopter and diopter adjustment function, provide a clear vision of nearsightedness or farsightedness, clearly see the object you are measuring, more quickly and accurately measure the distance and slope to it, with coated lens, the measurement is clearer and more accurate. FUNCTION DISPLAY FORGOLF golf distance meter, upgraded and designed by professional engineers, improves the distance of distance measurement, simplifies the operation method, and makes the operation easier. m1 M1 M1 operation: Press the M button, through the 6X adjustable lens, the M1 function is displayed, and the precise distance measurement is 5-1000Yards, which can fully enjoy the fun of golf. M2 M2 M2 operation: Press the M button again to show that the M2 function is turned on, and the height and slope are displayed, which is easy to operate. Golf Rangefinder uses play golf PLAY GOLF A must-have measuring tool for golf courses, Golf Rangefinder accurately measures distance, height, and slope from the hole. It can better play golf technology and bring a better sports and leisure experience. hunting OBSERVE PREY FORFOLF Rangefinder will help you to better lock on the prey and measure the distance to the prey when expedition hunting. Note: please Love protect wild animals outdoor travel TRAVEL ADVENTURE Travel adventure, enjoy the beauty of nature, zoom in with Rangefinder 6X to enhance the experience of viewing beautiful nature project ENGINEERING MEASYUREMENT Accurate measurement of 5-1000Yards, a better choice for rangefinder engineering measurement. rangefinder FORGOLF rangefinder 6X magnification Golf Rangefinder provides a clearer view What’s in the package? Golf Rangefinder Color box + machine + EVA bag + manual + thank you letter + lens cleaning cloth + 1 pair of batteries + hand rope FORGOLF rangefinder Measuring Range 5-1000 Yards 2 aiming modes: M1 (mark lock for precise distance measurement) M2 (Slope and Altitude Mode Precise Measurement)


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