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Brand new Foot Massager Electric Massage Machine with Air Pressure

Tim Hortons
Soothing Heat Relaxing massage and comfy heat work together to help you further unwind from a busy, tiring day. The soothing heat can be enjoyed alone for simply keeping feet warm. Airbag Compression Airbag Compression The airbags are inflated and deflated rhythmically to apply compression massage to stimulate reflex points, with 3 intensity levels to fully satisfy different massage needs. Rolling Massage Rolling Massage Rolling massage is a technique to help stretch and loosen muscles by applying proper pressure is applied , great for relieving muscle stiffness and knots. High Heels A Relax after Woring or Shopping on High Heels for Long Time In modern life, wearing high heels has become an integrated part to ladies in different occasions - working, dating or shopping. Tension and fatigue will surely accumulate, especially on heels. MARNUR Kneading Foot Massager provides care for feet, covering even heels, to relieve discomfort from wearing high heels for long. Overloaded Exercise Relax After Exercise Nowadays we spend more time in a fitness center for enhanced health. However, there are always moments when we bear excessive pressure from workouts, which should not be neglected. Embrace your feet in the MARNUR Foot Massager to unwind from the pressure, and the soothing heat will help facilitate the process. Long-term Driving Relax after Long-term Driving Driving for long will easily cause muscle stiffness from lack of mobility and mental fatigue from high level of concentration. Relaxing your feet will be a great beginning for full body relaxation. Simply place your feet in MARNUR Shiatsu Foot Massager and customize massage combinations to your favor for ultimate relaxation The Elderly For the Elderly to Relax Muscle stiffness and soreness are annoying companions among the elderly, but always undervalued. MARNUR Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager well targets their sole acupuncture points with comfy massage for reduced tension and stress. This foot massage machine will well convey you love and care for the elderly Share Comfort & Deliver Love For Parents For Parents Our parents work hard to make our days special and now it’s our job to do the same for them. This MARNUR Foot Massager pamper their feet, relaxing them mentally and physically. For Loved One For Loved One Choosing a right gift for your special would be marvelous. Share comfort by this MARNUR Kneading Massager with your loved one to find deeper significance in life. For Colleagues For Colleagues Sedentary lifestyle is common and we are obsessed with work. Rest yourself and your colleagues with this foot massager during work breaks for higher efficiency in work. For Kids For Kids Children currently are under high stress from schoolwork and need relief. After school, de-stress them with comfy massager, allowing them to start another day refreshed. Features & details 【Foot Massage & Whole Body Relaxation】Based on reflexology, this shiatsu foot massager pampers feet with deep rolling massage mimicking hand/finger pressing movements of a professional masseuse to relieve stiffness and restore flexibility, which also effectively stimulates sole pressure points to restore body balance for a more natural state of wellness 【3 Fcuntions Controlled Independently】All massage functions (rolling massage, air compression and heating function) on this electric foot massager can be controlled independently for more flexible massage combinations, This kneading foot massager is designed ergonomically to cuddle feet comfortably and fits foot size up to US-12.5 for different foot shapes; 【Adjustable Heat & Airbag Compression】Choose heat setting that adapts to your foot sensation optimally between 2 levels (40℃/45℃), further reducing fatigue and getting rid of muscle knots; Adjust compression intensity among 3 intensity levels for different massage needs and experiences, promoting full-coverage foot massage up to ankles 【Detachable Breathable Cover】The soft foot fabric covers help buffer unwanted friction for smoother massage experience, and is removable for cleaning to share this multi-function massager among family and friends more hygienically and restfully, without worry of unpleasant smell
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