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Brand new Femometer Basal Thermometer for Fertility & Ovulation Tracking with APP

Tim Hortons

Femometer VincaII is a smart Basal Body Temperature (BBT) thermometer that automatically syncs data to mobile app, tracks menstrual cycle, predicts ovulation day and alerts important changes for your body. Vinca II measures your temperature with a precision of up to 0.09℉( 0.01°C) and can be completed in as fast as 30 seconds. There is no button & switch but a LCD screen for you to read the measurement. Vinca II also has 50% more battery capacity. The complimentary app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Femometer helps you get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally, monitors early-stage pregnancy sympotom and track period. Femometer simplifies the complexity of the basal body temperature measurement. femometer read Soft Yellow Backlight: Soft Yellow Backlight: Easy read in the early morning unit Switchable ℃/℉: Switchable ℃/℉: Switch between ℉ and ℃ on your Femometer APP alarm Alarm: Alarm: Set a reminder on your Femometer APP to wake up and take your temperature each morning sleep Adjustable Soft Beep: Adjustable Soft Beep: The sound is soft and its volume is adjustable on your Femometer APP app Download APP Download Femometer app from Google play or Apple store and create your account.Turn on bluetooth to pair Femometer app to your smart phone. measure Measure Your BBT Uncap Femometer Vinca II and hold it under your tongue for 1-3 minutes until you hear 3 beeps, indicating the measurement is completed. read Read the Data Your bbt will show on the LCD screen and the data will be sent via bluetooth to the APP automatically and mapped into the BBT chart. Both data & personalized insights are available for you to review. APP Features: APP Features: Intelligently Calculated Conception Rate - Our algorithm will calculate your daily conception rate in the app, by integrating all your key sympotom data, to help you better plan activities for getting pregnant or natural contraception. Auto-generated BBT Curve - The app draws the BBT curve for you to locate your ovulation day, fertile days, safe zone and period accurately. LH Ovulation Test Strips Identification - The app could identify & analyse your ovulation tests results, providing guidance over ovulation tests strips usage to better pinpoint your ovulation. Your Personal Cycle Calendar & Record - Use the app to track important physiological sympotoms like cervical fluid, LH & BBT changes and activities, including sex, sleep, emotion, weight, medication..., on a daily basis to improve the accuracy of your pregnancy prediction. Features & details Automate Data Recording & BBT Charting - Your BBT measurement will be automatically transmitted to the App via Bluetooth. The app will generate the BBT chart for you using your measured data and analyse them to find your fertile window & ovulation. No manual work needed. Accurate & Fast Measurement - The measurement precision is up to 0.09°F(0.05°C) to catch even the smallest BBT fluctuation. Measurement can be finished in as short as 30 secs. So Easy to Use - There is no button & switch but a LCD screen for you to read the measurement. Simply pull the lid up or down to switch it on or off. Take the 1st minute of your morning each day before you get out of the bed to get accurate measurement. Discreet Design for Women - It is designed like a lipstick so that no one else will be easy to notice your little secret trying for a baby or planning for natural contraception. It has an alarm that is soft and has adjustable volume, so you don't have to worry about waking up the "sleeping beauty" right besides you.

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