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Brand new Door Draft Stopper,Door Seal Sweeps for Interior Doors Gap







3 weeks ago

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS AND EXTREME FLEXIBILITY] This door sweeper is made of 3 layers of high-quality environmentally friendly silicone and waterproof adhesive, which is durable and flexible. In addition, door weather stripping is non-toxic and odorless, super sticky and non- degumming, can stick firmly, is not easy to deform, does not damage the floor, and is used for a long time. The size of the door bottom seal strip is 2"W x 39"L ★[WIDE APPLICATION] Dust proof, soundproof and windproof, this kind of door draft stopper can prevent the cross of hot and cold air and keep your home away from bugs and dust. In addition, door soundproofing has excellent water resistance and adhesion, and can be used for wooden doors, metal doors, plastic doors, the bottom and gaps of glass doors, and wherever you may need it. ★[EASY TO INSTALL]The door seal can be cut into different sizes according to your needs. 1. Clean the door, make sure the door is free of dust and oil and keep it dry. 2. Tear off the strong adhesive film of the door seal strip. 3. Install the weather stripping at the location you specify. 4. Please press hard after installation to make the draft stopper firmer. ★[NOTE] The glue part of the door draft stopper should not be in contact with water or oil, otherwise the door sound blocker will lose strong viscosity. Make sure that this weatherproof strip is completely and firmly attached to your door, and do not open and close the door frequently within 24 hours after installation. The Door Draft Stopper is made of waterproof and environmentally friendly silicone. This under-door sealing strip is non-toxic and tasteless. This door sweep can easily match the color and style of the door. This door bottom sweeper has strong anti-aging, durability, flexibility and strong natural reduction. The sealing strip at the bottom of the door adopts a three-layer sound insulation design to keep your room away from noise. With large size, wider self-adhesive backing and many other advantages, our upgraded door windshield can be firmly glued to the door without falling off or damaging the door. Wide range of applications: 1. Prevent the intrusion of outdoor air and save energy; 2. Block rain; 3. Dust; 4. Block insects, cockroaches, etc.; 5. Block light; 6. Keep away from noise and easy to install


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