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Brand new Donut Swim Rings, Inflatable Pool Float Swimming Pool Float




Tim Hortons



3 weeks ago

🍩 Product Features: 1. The surface of the swimming pool floatie is smooth and will not scratch your or your child's hands. 2. Unique joint technology, good sealing, exquisite workmanship, clear texture, bring you visual enjoyment. 3. Easy to use, degassing after folding and packaging, light and convenient, easy to carry, the store does not occupy space. 4. You can take your friends to sunbathe, and it is also very suitable for taking pictures. 🍩 Instructions for Use: πŸ’ Inflation: 1.Insert the inflation nozzle and open the inner valve. 2.Fill in 80%-90% gas and cover the gas nozzle tightly. 3.Press the air nozzle to inflate. πŸ’ Exhaust: 1. Open the gas nozzle, pinch the inner valve, and wait for the gas to flow. 🍩 Warm Remind: 1. Keep it dry and do not touch sharp objects. 2. Do not contact this product with overheated objects and fire. 3. Excessive inflation is prohibited. The ideal inflation should be around 80%. 4. Children must be used under the supervision of adults. Don't let children play alone. 🍩 Product Information: 1. Weight: 1kg 2. Material: PVC 3. Pattern: Donut 4. Size: 120 * 120 * 20cm 5. Together: Adults / children lying alone 6. Application Environment: Swimming pool, beach, lake, family reunion, various water party 🍩 Package Includes: 1 * Donut Swimming Ring Features & details οƒ˜πŸ© Doughnut Swim Ring Size: Swim ring is soft and comfortable, the size after inflation: 120x120x20cm/47.2*47.2*7.87inch, can accommodate 2 adults. οƒ˜πŸ© Unique Design: The donut swimming ring design allows you to eliminate the summer heat. Bringing it to the party is definitely the most dazzling star. οƒ˜πŸ© Abundant Materials: The donut floating is made of environmentally friendly pvc material, thick, durable, light weight, easy to carry, and can be quickly inflated and deflated. οƒ˜πŸ© Exquisite Patterns: The inflatable doughnut swimming ring uses ink printing to show the shape of the doughnut, bringing you a fresh and cool feeling, feel the fun of summer. οƒ˜πŸ© Suitable For The Crowd: It is the first choice for swimming pools, lakes, beaches, seaside and various gatherings. Also suitable for adults and children.

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