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Brand new Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 15 ft




Tim Hortons



4 weeks ago

10Gbps transmission speed and 600MHz bandwidth. 24K gold-plated connector, faster signal transmission, no delay. 4 pairs of 100% thick copper wire ensure low transmission impedance. Unique flat design, easy to handle with your home layout. internet cable Incredible Durable The high-quality crystal head will not break even if you move the shrapnel 90 degrees with your fingers. The shrapnel will return to its original shape and the elasticity will not change. When inserting the crystal head into the hub device or the ethernet network switch, you can still hear a crisp "click" sound. network cable STP Long Ethernet Cable 4 Pairs Shielded Twisted Copper Wire wrapped by aluminum foil, Folishine high speed Cat 7 Ethernet cables offer the protection from External EMI interference and eliminates alien crosstalk. Super stable connection, unaffected by frame and packet loss, making your Internet experience more secure. cat7 ethernet cable Gold Plated RJ45 Connectors The connectors of Folishine Cat7 cables all are 50-micron gold plated, which achieve greater performance through better connectivity and less signal loss ensuring high speed point-to-point signal transmission. Flat cables are flexible and much easier to manage when run under the carpet, doors, rotating arms and drawers or along walls. long ethernet cable ethernet cable Features & details 🚀【Hyper Speed】Cat7 Ethernet Cable provides perfect performance of 600MHz bandwidth and 10Gbps high speed data transmission which is faster than Cat5 and Cat6. No worries about network delay when playing games, streaming 4K Videos, and downloading. 🚀【Stable Durability】Gold-plated RJ45 connectors are for higher sensitivity and better stability; 4 Pairs STP cable of 100% thick copper wire ensure faster Internet speed; Each twisted pair contain one ground wire which can effectively reduce noise & interference. 🚀【Great Compatibility】Cat7 Ethernet cable can be used for Wi-Fi routers, Xbox one, Computer data center, Cloud Server, Network media players, PS4, Hubs and other device with RJ45 connectors. And also this could be backward compatible with Cat5e, Cat5, Cat6 and much more faster than them. 🚀【Flexible Design】Unique flat cord makes this LAN cable super flexible and allows for a cleaner and safer installation. It is much easier for you to make the network cable run along walls, follow edges & corners or slide it under a carpet. It can effectively avoid tangling and save space. 🚀Incredible Durable】: All Folishine Cat7 Ethernet cables pass fluke professional analyzers tested.Folishine network cable uses thickened pure copper Gold-plated RJ45 connector to protect the internal core and increase the oxidation resistance, plugging and unplugging without rusting.

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