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Brand new Brand new Switch Controller, Switch Pro Controller

Tim Hortons
Description 1. It is a third-party product, but its quality will meet your requirements. 2.Supports gyro axis, Dual vibration and Turbo(Turbo function is applicable to PC, not applicable to switch) give you an immersive gaming experience. 3.Instant Response. Get instant feedback from your controller with absolutely no delay. Your games will not be affected from lag. 4.It supports 4 wireless controllers connection to one console at most. You can experience the fun of the game with friends and family. 5. USB Rechargeable, you can enjoy the game while charging 6. The replaceable D-pad button allows you to play higher efficiency in different games according to your preferences. Packaging Content: 1*Switch Pro Controller 1* Instruction manual 1*USB Charging Cable 1*D-Pad 2*thumb grips Connection with Nintendo Switch And Charging: 1. Press the B + HOME key on the controller to turn on the controller Switch mode , the No.2 led light flashes quickly 2. Switch Host turn on the power, enter the main interface to find Controllers-Change Grip / Order-click the handle icon to connect the handles 3. When the connection is successful, the No. 1 led light is always on 4:When the game-pad is charging. The led light is always on. When it stops flashing, it means the battery is fully charged. About TURBO Function: Turbo function is only available for PC 1. Turn on the Turbo function, any button + TURBO button, then you can start the TURBO function of the button 2. Turn off Turbo function, any button + TURBO button, press again to turn off the TURBO function of the button 3. Press and hold the TURBO button for 5 seconds, the TURBO function of all keys will be cleared. To start this function,Please press any button + Turbo button Features & details 【High Performance】High compatibility for ultimate gaming experience, Ralthy Wireless Switch Controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch, ideal for playing Zelda , Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart etc. Unique Design: Changeable D-Pad,Choose between 2 different designs for better playing experience. Two parallel 360° analog sticks ensure more comfortable and precise control. Ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it comfortable even for long hours of continuous gaming.Ergonomic design with standard button layout gives you a comfortable feeling in hand. Built-in Gyro Sensor: Supports gyro axis,the gyro axis built into the controller makes gaming even more fun! Play all original titles that require this function with this controller. Built in rumble feature makes games feel even more realistic and increases enjoyment. 【Lightweight & multi-person sharing】 The weight of this Switch Pro Controller is light, ergonomic, comfortable and fashionable, and it is more comfortable to play games. It supports 4 people to play games at the same time, ideal for family fun and parties. 【Long & Update Battle】 This Switch Pro controller is wireless and can be easily paired with Switch console via Bluetooth. It only takes 2 hours for this pro Switch controller to be fully charged while it supports 7 to 10 HOURS of CONTINUOUS PLAYING!!!
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