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Brand new baby monitor


5000 mAh High Capacity Battery This baby monitor has a built-in 5000 mAh high-capacity battery, which can provide a whole day of working time when the sleep mode is turned on, and it can last for 12 hours even if the screen is always on. Night Vision Automatic Night Vision Mode The automatic light sensor precisely detects the light conditions and automatically shifts between day and night vision modes. Visibility up to 20 feet in complete darkness extends your vision at night to know what your baby is doing. Temperature Detection Accurate Temperature Detection In order to ensure your baby is in comfortable environment, the baby monitor will provide 24-hour real-time room temperature monitoring. Avoid the room temperature is too high or too low. This function is to send alarms if the temperature is too low (< 15°C/59°F) or too high (>29°C/84°F) Sound Detection Sound Detection & Alarms There are four options of sound detection in the baby video monitor: OFF, LOW(80dB), MEDIUM(70dB), and HIGH(65dB). Once the sound is detected by the baby device beyond the dB you set, the monitor screen will automatically light up and start transmitting sound and video signals. two way audio Long Distance Two-Way Audio The transmission range of this baby camera monitor is up to 1000ft(unobstructed) Just comfort your baby at camera side without any video information compression loss, advanced alert system provides you completely peace of mind. built-in lullabies 5 Built-in Lullabies This baby monitor with camera has five built-in soft baby lullabies, it is very convenient for you to comfort your baby through the monitor unit. all What's the advantages of baby monitor? The Camera & Monitor Unit 1. Both of the camera and monitor has native 1080P resolution, you can clearly monitor every move of your baby at all times. 2. With a 5.5" super big screen of this video baby monitor, you can see your baby more clearly and stay informed about your baby's condition. Practical Funtions 1.The automatic night vision gives you a crystal clear video at night, you can even observe your baby's breathing in the dark. 2. With a 5000mAh battery, the monitor unit can be put anywhere. It can provide a all day battery life in sleep mode after full charge. 3. The 2-way audio lets you listen and talk with your baby through the built-in speaker and microphone; and you can also play the built-in lullabies to soothe your baby. Features & details 【Native 1080P FHD Image Quality】 ANFLAG is the first baby monitor brand on the market to achieve 1080P resolution for both the camera and display. 1080P is 4 times clearer than 720P and 10 times clearer than 480P. So you can see your baby more clearly, make sure s/he is comfortable and safe. 【5.5-inch Screen and 5000mAh Battery】 The 5.5-inch large LCD screen is the same size as iPhone8Plus’s, with the 1080P ultra-clear camera going 120 degrees up and down, 360 degrees left and right, you can get a clearer and broader view. In addition, the 5000mAh large-capacity battery can provide up to 24 hours of battery life in sleep mode. 【VOX Function】 Our baby monitor has three sensitivity levels for sound detection: high-65dB, medium-70dB, and low-80dB. When the sound exceeds the upper limit of the volume of the chosen level, the monitor unit will emit an alarm sound, and the screen will also have an alarm icon flashing. You can choose the right sensitivity level according to your needs to take care of your baby better. 【Clear 1080P Night Vision Image】 When the working environment of the camera is dim, it will automatically enter the night vision mode. The 1080P camera we use can provide a clearer night vision image. Different from other baby monitors on the market, we use a 940nm infrared light, which will not emit red light during work to avoid disturbing the baby. 【More Practical Functions and Technical Support】 Our baby monitor has more practical functions: 1000-ft two-way audio, 5 built-in lullabies, temperature detection and alarm, feeding reminder, etc.

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